Most valuable customer conversion lesson for any business

How do you boost enquiries by 100% to 400%?

Optimising your conversion strategy is more than just renovating your websites, its a holistic approach to building your path to purchase user experience.

The first step is understanding your audience and how they make buying decisions. The user experience is never a linear path, but rather a cross device, multi-channel and multi-search experience, with time lagging consideration paths.

Some will make decisions now, some later and some maybe in the future. So we have simplified your conversion strategy into 3 buying motivations.

Buy Now, Buy Later, Buy Maybe.

To maximise the highest conversion potential you will need to create conversion offers to accommodate all three audiences.
Here is a simple conversion strategy guide for each audience category.

Buy Now

  • Renovate your website using the Who, Why, What principles covered in my previous email or in this blog.
    Focus on buy now type offers. These are compelling reasons to contact you now or buy now. View ideas here under the section Buy Now Traffic Offers

Buy Later

  • Traffic that did not convert the first time can represent between 80% to 97% of your total paid traffic.
  • Create second chance buy now offers and lead magnets to convert this traffic into an email database.
  • Nurture these audiences with Remarketing and Email marketing automated sequences with split tested offers.
  • If you don’t have automated emails sending to all opted in leads, you are not getting the full ROI capacity from your AdWords or SEO investment.

Buy Maybe

  • This audience is not actively searching for your product or service, but they represent a targeted demographic likely interested to buy at some point in future. Another term for this type of Advertising is Push Marketing as opposed to Pull Marketing where people are actively searching for your product or service.
  • The best conversion channel for this type of audience is Facebook advertising, using lead magnet buy maybe offers.
  • To get some ideas view the section of this page called

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Brendon Comerford

Managing Director / Digital Strategy Analyst

Brendon is our Managing Director and follows a transformational leadership style that inspires trust through a shared team vision. His GM experience for multiple agencies brings both a level of integrity that has lured the best to follow and the lessons to live by in building a stable and talented digital team.