Are you looking to

get into TikTok?

Did you know that some companies are tripling their return on investment (ROI) using TikTok at a fraction of the cost of other ad platforms? Let us show you how.


Let’s be direct – TikTok is the way of the future for social media marketing. In the past, TikTok has been the gimmick of the social platforms with dance trends or lip-syncing covers being the norm, but it has evolved well beyond that to rival the leading social marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

TikTok utilises unique algorithms and a suite of qualified formatting metrics to really come out as the current platform that all businesses need to be on. But TikTok isn’t as easy as you might think. It isn’t just about posting a video or two and watching those views rise and sales skyrocket. To be successful on TikTok, it takes an experienced team with a plan and the expertise to move with TikTok and be as fluid as the platform itself. Whether it’s brand awareness, educational campaigns, or looking to break the next ceiling on that sales report, our team can help you and your business get there through our tried and tested TikTok approach.

TikTok in Australia?

There are around 7.39 million Australians over the age of 18 who routinely use TikTok but that’s not all. Since the start of 2022, 37% of all adults aged 18 and older in Australia were targeted and reached by TikTok Ads with this percentage only growing as the year continues. This represents a huge opportunity for any business to really capitalise and start stretching their digital marketing dollar that extra bit further. But what does that look like?

Kick Media and TikTok

Partnering with Kick Media for TikTok success means that you have chosen to work with a team of experienced strategists who know how to work with your business goals and aspirations. We know TikTok inside out as we are regular consumers of the platform ourselves. We first came across the platform and like so many others, fell in love with how beautifully it captures a brand story and how it truly allows short form video to shine through.

We learnt the platform, and now we want to show you what we have learnt. Without the jargon, without the false promises, we want to show you quantified intelligence about what we know works, and what doesn’t for your industry and get you involved with the process the entire time. We want you to know just as much as we do about the marketing side of TikTok and all of the opportunities that exist here for all businesses so that you can get ahead with confidence in a process that works.

How will we work with you?

When it comes to TikTok, it isn’t possible without you. We work with you to ensure that we are consistently staying on brand message and reaching those important targets and goals that we know are important to you. More specifically, what you get from a TikTok strategy with us is:


A strategy tailored to your business. We research who you are and your audiences and come up with multiple opportunities for strong entry into the market. We discuss with you what’s possible in both the organic and paid ads space to ensure you are across the board. With us, you can be confident in a strategy that is as fluid as the TikTok algorithm itself, to ensure that your brand always stays competitive and relevant with the latest trends and changes.

Qualified Research

We want to know who you are and who your market is. We don’t skim over the research and just assume that we know all of the answers straight off the bat. We want to know everything about your audience so that we can target them better and that takes qualified research that is directed and purposeful. With this research, we formulate a strategy for content and targeting that ensures you stay relevant and active in the correct circles in the right way while still maintaining a strong affinity to your brand identity.

Continuous Optimisation

To be fluid is to be successful on TikTok – We know this. With our TikTok clients, we are consistently reviewing, analysing, and optimising both the organic and paid ads strategies to ensure we creating meaningful touchpoints for your brand that get real results. What this might look like is audience rejuvenation, A/B testing, variable scalability, or even budget cap control. With TikTok, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to optimising your presence, and there is no one size fits all approach.

Comprehensive Analytics

Holistic and regular reporting can make the difference between a good campaign, and a great one. Understanding how your campaigns are performing is important to us. This allows us to be able to make qualified changes as necessary to the campaigns in order to take your campaigns to the next level. TikTok is a learning game and we ensure that you are in the best place to most informed and prepared. We go one step further and take what we have learnt to share professional recommendations on your other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Focus and Direction

When we work on TikTok, we work in a direction we know constitutes success. With organic marketing, we focus on strong brand awareness strategies to entice audiences into your profile and by extension, your transmedia platforms. With paid ads, we focus on generating qualified and quantified leads, ensuring that our closing strategies follow a strategic and proven funnel method that utilises strong brand messaging and strong call-to-actions in order to produce strong returns on your investment.