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  • Great value Aussie dollar pricing to add a healthy profit margin.
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  • Innovative Ecom SEO methods to rank thousands of products.
  • The best content relevance optimization strategy in the industry.
  • High authority backlinks for category and product level rankings.

White label partners also receive free sales audits and a sales closer. You set up the meeting and we help you consult and close deals over a Zoom call. We also provide a customer service path and training for giving valuable updates and insights for your clients.

SEO for Ecom is a valuable upsell for you and your clients with many of our clients still doing SEO with us after 9 years.


5 things you can do to smash

Ecommerce SEO in 2021-22

After analyzing thousands of sites over the last 10 years there are many things we see every day that people do wrong, not do at all due to time constraints or a lack of knowledge. With just a little more time invested in the right activities they could easily and significantly improve their organic Ecommerce rankings.

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Dear Business Owner,

Hi I’m Chris Crawford and I am crushing the front page of Google with every single one of my SEO clients. Want proof? View my case studies. My track record of success is so impressive I guarantee your success with 100% confidence. The reality is, SEO isn’t viable for every business so If I think it won’t work, I won’t allow my sales team to sell it. This means you won’t get any false promises and no commission hungry sales people pressuring you. I give you transparent metrics to know your SEO is working from day 1. I will be your personal SEO manager and I want to help you succeed. Now first and foremost I want you to know I’m not an agency employee you’ve just been palmed off to, and I’m not fresh out of university. I have been managing partner here at Kick Media for the last 7 years and I bring 9 years of solid SEO experience with a track record of results that can’t be beat anywhere. Please excuse my confidence here but the reality is I do achieve results every time and I genuinely care about all my clients. 9 years ago before my transition to SEO I was an accountant, so I understand how businesses operate. I know how important every dollar is to your business and how hard you have worked to build it, so I will dig deep with 110% commitment to grow your business to the next level. That is my personal promise and guarantee to you.

Dear Business Owner,

Imagine the resale value of your business when you can show that you rank number one or at least top 3 for all your top converting keywords. We’ve had SEO clients receive offers well above the market value to sell their business simply due to the ranking appeal of their website in position 1 for top keywords. SEO has investment value not just for generating leads, but in the resale value of your business. If you would like Chris and Brendon to be managing your SEO, the reality is that we can only take on so many clients and we are in very high demand. This isn’t a limited space sales tactic, we are not a large agency and we work personally on every SEO project giving you the personal attention needed to drive results. We are not palming it off to an employee with limited experience, we are carefully selecting new SEO clients to work personally with.From time to time there is a waiting list so if you are serious about driving sales from organic traffic please fill out the discovery form to apply for an appointment and we will assess beforehand if we are able to help you. We will reply within 24 hours to chat and see if you are a good fit for our client roster.

Building the content of your E-commerce website

This guide has two main aims


Establish a hierarchy of where to start so you can get the most possible return for extra content on your site and;


How to structure that content to make it rank on google.

Two young brothers from Carpet Cleaning Kings approached us 5 years ago with the ambition of becoming the most successful carpet cleaning and flood damage repair company in Australia. A few years later this goal was achieved now with a few hundred contractors now working for them. They continue to consult with us for all areas of their marketing and we never fail to deliver outstanding results. We are now helping them to launch the largest offshore call centre in the philippines which has already grown from nothing to 3 floors and a few hundred employees.

The power of Google rankings for your top keywords can have a dramatic impact on the growth of your business

Russel from Cafe Solutions started his cafe furniture business from his garage a little over 5 years ago. In that time he has grown to become one of the biggest suppliers to Cafes and Restaurants in Qld, NSW and VIC. From one back yard garage and small Ebay store to 3 websites and 3 warehouses in 3 states with several dozen employees in each. Not only has his business grown by over 1000% thanks largely to the SEO and organic rankings I have achieved, Brendon has also helped to build an entire marketing system that is turn key and conversion optimized. We have many stories like this but we want you to be our next success story. The value of SEO for your business is not the cost of SEO now, but the value of new sales enquiries and asset value your business will have once you are ranking front page for your top keywords.

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Learn How To Achieve

SEO Success In 2 Steps

Step 1. Get your onsite SEO in order with keyword focused pages that Google can easily read. Use tools like SEMrush to perform your onsite SEO audit.

Step 2. Find websites that already have trust with Google and ask them to publish content about your brand. Link Building is the key to ranking for difficult keywords.

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Our SEO Brisbane Process In 5 Steps


Kick Media genuinely cares about our business. Up until about 5 years ago, we seemed to have all sorts of trouble with Adwords managers. Then we chose Kick Media and have not looked back. While others made promises about results, Kick Media told us what they would do, then quickly rolled their sleeves up and got to work on doing it. The results have been consistent over that time, and the service provided has never been lack luster; they have never taken us for granted, and they are consistently checking in to see if the data they are seeing reflects the numbers at our end. – Bryan West, Fortress Learning.


I have been working with Joseph over the last couple of months, the work he has done has been incredible. Our Google ads account hasn’t looked better, he is always willing to help us with any questions and I would recommend him and the Kick Team any day. – Michael Simpson,


Brendon and Chris and the team from Kick Media have been working on various aspects of my business’s media and marketing with great success. Their work has included SEO, AdWords, Website improvements, Remarketing techniques, Facebook advertising, and various other things as the need has arisen, they just jump in and help. These guys are committed to their client’s success and love what they do so they’ve nailed the superior customer service that they strive for. Would highly recommend if you’re a business owner looking to take your business to a new level. – Justin Ireland, –


I have been with Kick Media for 7 years now and have found it does take time but they get excellent results. Chris does our SEO and he has us ranking if first position for many key words and Joseph does our google ads and he has reduced our spend by cutting out words that don’t convert to sales and spending more on those that do. Keep up the good work fella’s!! – Russel Crawford,


With the Covid downturn, we lost a lot of our big event contracts and the team at Kick Media creatively helped solve these traffic issues for us and redirect our Ad and SEO spend to be more efficient and yield solid results.
I’ve been with Kick Media for over 2 years now and have been so impressed with the team, the results we’ve seen since we started and the extra support they give through their free webinars. The whole team are great but Joseph and Chris especially have really helped our business grow.
Jared –


Kick media has been doing a fantastic job for our business. We have used them for a few years now. They are always proactive and professional. We strongly recommend them as they will definitely improve your business. A big thanks to the team at kick media! – Javis Robins,


I have had Kick media helping me and my business for over two years and I have been very impressed with there ability to produce real results and they actually answer there phone unlike some other companies I had tried before kick medial , They are a company I will continue to work with for this reason.- Ryan Old,


I only have three words that describe this company, Honest, Genuine and Professional. As a Business Owner, these are key aspects that drive sales and customers. They understand budgets, times and goals, something very hard to find in the industry inundated with dishonesty and deceptive conduct. Knowing when something works and doesn’t work, keeping realistic goals and expectations. This creates trust and when you can trust someone you can create the best business relationships. This is what Kickmedia does and they do it well. – David White,


I am very happy with the awesome level of service and the great improvements that have been made to our internet advertising campaign by Brendon, Ross and the Guys at Kick Media. First class knowledge, first class service and a great work ethic. Thanks Guys. – Allan Gray,


I consider myself very up to date with the latest in online marketing and technologies to build businesses online, Brendon on the other hand takes things to whole new levels.

Not All Seo Are The Same

SEO has been transformed over the last few years with several updates per year designed to improve the user experience on Google. Whilst this proves challenging for SEO methods, it also provides new opportunities to achieve new rankings otherwise not thought possible. In recent years there has been a lot of controversy over poor quality and deceptive SEO techniques with results that are not what they seem. These techniques are not in the best interest of growing a business and certainly do not deliver the expected ROI. The unfortunate reality is there are still SEO individuals and companies in Brisbane and across Australia applying deceptive SEO techniques and it is important that business owners are aware of them and what they are actually paying for.

You may be locked into a contract and apart from the initial onsite changes that were made in the first month, you may be wondering what is being done each month and what are you really paying for? There is a reason to be concerned and all too often we come across websites where zero ongoing SEO work is being done after the first few months of a 12 month contract. Unfortunately SEO success for a business owner relies on knowing the basics of how to audit your SEO company to ensure they are not applying certain SEO techniques or doing any work at all. Ask our team of Brisbane SEO Experts how you can Audit your own SEO or read the 3 SEO traps below.

Important SEO lessons

For Business Owners in Brisbane

Whether you’re a business owner or marketing manager here

Some valuable lessons many learn the hardway. 3 critical traps to avoid when starting SEO.

1. Beware of Poor Quality Keywords

Often business owners allow SEO companies to do the keyword research for them, resulting in a selection of keywords that seem relevant but do not receive enough search volume and have very low competition. They also do not do any research to know if the chosen keywords will result in an actual conversion.

2. Focus on Quality Traffic,

Not Just Rankings

We know that a single keyword ranking is not the answer for long term secure traffic and consistent sales activity. If all your traffic and sales rely on a single or a small group of keywords your business is at risk of volatility traffic levels if competitors suddenly boost their investment into SEO. Instead we should be focusing on traffic growth from a cluster of keyword variations both generic and long tail.

3. Future Proof Your Organic Traffic

There are a number of methods that can achieve results quickly with SEO, but the question is how long will those results be around for. Many agencies apply aggressive but lower quality methods which can work, but often the results are short lived or worse put your brand at risk of a manual penalty. Through high quality link building on trusted sites at link velocity that is inline with your current traffic levels, we can future proof your SEO investment.

Understanding Onsite SEO

The Foundations

This requires working with the Site Code, Navigation and Content in order to achieve ranking for various keywords, however this activity is not difficult. Anyone can create regular high quality content for their site, so it becomes easy for competitors to take your top spot on Google. Producing high quality content that appeals to the right demographic and is likely to be shared is imperative, however should not be the only SEO activity. Onsite SEO alone will not future proof ranking for your major profit generating keywords.

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Understanding Offsite SEO

The Key To Success

Building offsite backlinks is a difficult SEO technique and is getting more and more difficult for SEO companies to execute well. Convincing websites and blogs with a high domain authority to point anchor text links back to your site has now become one of the most difficult SEO techniques today. As a result, many Brisbane SEO companies are struggling to deliver results due to the time consuming and less profitable requirement to produce high quality topically relevant links. But this can also be viewed as a significant opportunity for future proofing your SEO if you can find a company that thinks outside the box and continually innovates ways to produce natural high quality links.

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Rocket to Number 1 in Half the Time With Higher Quality Links

Struggling With Your

Big Money Keywords?

Onsite SEO is important, Google needs to be able to read your website and understand who you are and what you do, however it’s only the starting point. Onsite SEO is like the foundations of a building, it needs to be strong, yet Onsite SEO alone will not achieve results for your highly competitive, big money keywords. For low competitive long tail keywords, sure writing more content is great, but if you want top 3 rankings for your highly competitive keywords you need to implement high quality link building.

Why Cheap SEO Is Bad

The answer is Link Velocity. When you invest very little into link building, you’re only able to afford the time and resources to create low power links, like business directories. Now because they only pass on a little bit of power to your site, you need to build a lot of them. But if you build say 50 all in one hit or 50 per month and your total website traffic is only 500 visits per month, then Google is smart enough to know something is up, penalize you and suddenly your organic traffic disappears. So if we are limited on how many links we can build each month you better invest into high power links, and this aint cheap. Don’t become a victim of low quality, cheap SEO. Do SEO correctly or not at all.

Beware Of Keyword Quotation Fraud

When we quote SEO it’s not just about appearing for individual keywords, because the reality is that one keyword that ranks in the top 3 will also pull up with it the dozen or so variation keywords that Google relates to it. It’s called LSI Keywords and you can Google this term to see it’s a real thing. So when an agency is quoting 20 keywords in their proposal they are often including all the LSI variation Keywords in that list of keywords which is like charging extra for tires when the car already comes with it. It’s ridiculous. When we quote for SEO we include between 3 to 5 entirely different keywords which are not LSI and require individual effort to achieve rankings for each. So 3 keywords is in reality potentially 30 or 50 keyword variations that will be pulled up the ranks. The reality is that when you are building links, you can only ever target one keyword at a time so the decision needs to be made on whether you dilute your monthly SEO into 3 keywords and take longer to achieve results for each, or focus all efforts on one keyword at a time and achieve results in one third of the time. There’s not if’s or but’s, this is the reality, so choose carefully which are your money keywords to focus on first.

What Is Your Potential Organic Asset Value?

Want to know the true value SEO can have on your business? Well it’s not just about new customers. If you rank top 3 positions on Google for your high traffic, high conversion keywords, we can calculate the equivalent traffic cost if you were to pay for these clicks. In a lot of cases it can be as much as $5,000 to $10,000 a month. So if you’re thinking about how long its going to take for your monthly SEO cost to become profitable, you may not be considering how much extra value will be added to the sale value of your business if you were to rank top 3 for your high profit keywords. Right now, businesses that rank in the top 3 positions for their big money keywords are considered highly desirable by investors, regardless of what the financials are telling them. SEO is one of the most profitable investments you can make right now, not because of the extra customers you will get but for the resale value of your business. When you renovate a property, your aim is to add value above the current value and make a profit when you sell. The difference with investing in SEO is your profits are leveraged much higher than property. We have customers who have sold their businesses for 5 to 10 times what they were worth, after just 6 months of doing SEO and this was largely due to number 1 rankings on Google. So avoid Cheap SEO, get it done right, rocket to the top of Google and see the massive profits available in the resale value of your business.

Is Your Brand On The

Google Location Radar?

If you’ve been link building properly for a long time and your still not front page of Google, a possible reason could be brand trust, not keyword relevance. Before your website has a chance of ranking Google must first trust your brand. Below are the methods in which you can get on Google’s radar and how to then begin building trust.

Getting On The Radar.

Build hundreds of social profiles with your Name, Address and Phone number. Social profiles don’t get penalized by link velocity because they are marketing assets that you own and should set up. This strategy is called a Social Fortress allowing Google to quickly notice your brand, address and phone number being mentioned on hundreds of social websites. We then link back through to site, your main social profiles and to your Google My Business listing. To expand your local visibility each social profile has unique images that you haven’t purchased and we give the images a geo tag to let Google know where the phone was taken from. This is the most effective method to get on Google’s radar to start building trust and achieve local visibility on Google map listings.

3 Methods To Rocket Your “Brand Trust” To The Next Level

1Brand Search

2Organic Click Through Rate

3Branded Anchor Text

Once we have completed the social fortress, the next factor in building trust with Google is the volume of traffic resulting from your brand name being searched on Google. Basically, the more often your brand is being searched online the more Google will trust that other people also trust you. Achieving this is possibly the most difficult method that very few SEO agencies will help you to address. While new methods are currently being created, most of the responsibility lies in your ability to advertise your business. It’s a catch 22, the more you advertise for people to search your brand online the more Google will trust you. There are a few creative almost black hat, but risk free methods of doing this, however we are currently devising ethical white hats methods to achieve this for our clients. If you have the budget however, traditional advertising methods using creative calls to action can work very well.

The second method in expanding your brand trust with Google is to optimise your meta descriptions with creative content to boost your Click Through Rate. Hiring a professional Copy Writer who understands conversion psychology can help to increase the CTR of your organic listing. Again, there are other more unnatural tactics which can be used if the client is willing. The final method to boost brand trust is in the link building process. When acquiring a link from a topically relevant website, if you can negotiate having the anchor text as your brand name or URL, your brand trust with Google will rocket. Google knows how hard it is for a business to convince another website to publish content linking to you, and if that website is also willing to mention your brand publicly in the context of that paragraph of text, it’s obvious to Google that this trusted website also trusts your brand. After the first few months of link building we may also vary this with keyword anchor text to keep your link profile natural in appearance.

Want To See An Onsite Seo Magic Trick?

Imagine a software that could tell you with extreme accuracy, exactly how many words, images, videos or meta data changes were required for each page of your site. In other words, a highly accurate SEO navigation system telling you exactly how to compete on Google. What I’m about to explain is one of the most amazing and impressive software programs for onsite SEO that has ever been created. Before I explain how it works, let’s first look at what it will produce for you. Below you can see a report that tells us exactly what is needed for each page of this website in order to compete for the top positions on Google for each keyword. Each row is a different page on their website with the major keyword they want each page to rank #1 for on Google. You can see that each page requires very different levels and types of content, taking away the guess work on exactly what each page requires. It’s not just a road map it’s a blueprint schematic of exactly what to do for each page. This is onsite SEO with precision engineering.

OCS checkweighers94 More Words, 15 Images With Alt Text, Main Keyword in 1 more H tag, use keyword at least twice
Metal detection for bottling300 more words, add alt text to images
Metal detection for bottling300 more words, add alt text to images
Metal detection equipment50 more words of content, 6 more images, 1 youtube video, one more keyword within content.
Metal detection bags430 More Words, 2 more pictures. change H1 from “large Bags” to “Large Metal Dection Bags”
Laboratory metal detector400 more words, use phrase “labratory metal detector” 5 times, 5 more images
Gravity metal detectorAdd 1226 words of content, 5 images with related alt text
Multi lane metal detector200 more keywords of content, add video
Fortress Metal Detector480 new words, keyword on page 3 more times.
Food inspection softwareadd 3 more keywords to H1 to H3, 200 more words of content

So how does it work?

It’s all about correlation. The software compares the top 100 sites on Google for any keyword, across 650 ranking factors to determine exactly what Google is looking for. It looks for characteristics shared by sites ranking on the first page and in the top 3 positions which are not shared by sites ranking on the following 9 pages back. This means for any of the 650 characteristics, we can correlate the probability of that factor being important to Google for that keyword. If the probability percentage for a factor is above a certain threshold, we know with certainty that the factor is important to Google. We then look at how the site compares in that particular factor and determine what’s needed to compete. The outcome of this analysis is a list of optimizations that will have the biggest impact on rankings. Sound impressive? Well don’t get too excited, because to use this software you have to be a data genius yourself. Lucky for us we have a team of data geniuses that can do this for you.

SEO #1 in 3 months

“Since working with Kick Media, my business has expanded by over 800% in 3 years. Avoid the large agencies, I’ve tried many. This is the only SEO team you need and they will get results. Good SEO isn’t cheap, but i know my business would not be where it is today if I didn’t invest in SEO”Russell Crawford

Kick Media’s Road To SEO Victory

Appearing front page of Google for the keyword “SEO Brisbane” doesn’t prove you’re the best at SEO, it mostly proves how long you have been doing SEO and how deep your pockets are. Most of the companies showing on the front page of Google for the keyword “SEO Brisbane” have been doing SEO for many years and some are large agencies with very large SEO budgets” ( with the exception of 1 or 2). Kick Media has never needed enquiries from organic traffic and still don’t, simply because the referrals from happy clients is so high. However, we thought let’s show the big guys and everyone that smaller agencies can beat them with just a fraction of the SEO budget. Kick Media has only been investing in their own SEO for the last 6 months. The process is expensive however the goal is not enquiries, it’s to prove credibility in an industry filled with perception and mistrust.

We already rank number 1 for several SEO terms and we are flickering back and forth between page 1 and 2 for the most difficult keyword “SEO Brisbane”. We are on track to achieving front page consistently within another few months. In theory, our trajectory should see Kick Media hit top 3 positions on Google within 6 months for SEO Brisbane. Keep in mind we are up against hundreds of SEO agencies all wanting the front page so the competition conflict is massive. The closest comparison I can think of is if every legal firm decided to directly sue each other. Of course the larger the firm the easy it will be to win, but not always and we want to prove this with SEO. We will keep you posted on our little experiment to prove that front page for SEO Brisbane doesn’t mean you’re the best and that the little guys can start the race from the back and still win with half the horse power. Below is the expected traffic to the Kick Media site based on all our new rankings. You can see the direct impact SEO is having on our business. If you want to see the same in your company call us today.

The SEO Road Map

What To Expect

Performance is to be reviewed not based on the links we build, but on the increase in traffic, rankings and finally organic enquiries. Increase in rankings is first, then increase in traffic, then increase in organic enquiries. We require that you trust us to build the type and volume of links we know are required to get results, within the allocated monthly budget. If the SEO budget is not high enough to achieve results in the optimal time frame, we will provide you a new estimate. Keep in mind no one has a crystal ball ahead of time to know this information, it’s always going to be a rough updated estimate as the months follow. SEO is an investment and the nature of Google’s algorithm means there is a lag effect in anything we do. This means seeing dramatic results or transformations in the first 2 to 3 months is unlikely. What’s important is the trajectory of rankings initially followed by seeing the traffic starting to increase after month 2 or 3. Even if we get all your keywords on the front page of Google quickly, the large carrot is the top 3 positions which generate 80 to 90% of all enquiries. SEO requires patience and trust in the process so we want to ensure that you understand our approach and what to monitor along the way.

Please note, SEO is not a fast moving service, yet it’s highly time intensive so we do need to be mindful of the time permitted for phone support which can quickly chew up the time we should be invested into getting results. We kindly ask that emails be the 1st point of contact so we can be more efficient in our replies, and if required no more than 2 on demand phone calls each month if you have concerns or require a more detailed understanding of anything. Month 1 we will provide regular updates and from month 2 onward we will provide 2 updates each month. First a general update from your SEO manager and second a performance report. Our service is purely SEO optimization and we hope you value our results above everything else. The decision on which keywords to go after first can also impact the speed of results. The more competitive the keyword, the slower the win, the less competitive the quicker the win. We can go after less competitive keywords first but the reward will be less. This might be ideal if you don’t have a large budget for investing in SEO and you want to cover the cost quicker. However, it also delays the time you could be investing into high competition but big win keywords sooner. The more competitive the keyword the more difficult it is to estimate how long it will take to rank and depends on what your competitors do once they see a new competitor on the front page of Google. These are the realities of SEO, but the payoff is 9 times of 10 worth it in the end. Just ask our client “Café Solutions” where they would be if they didn’t invest in SEO a few years ago.

Getting Started

As mentioned there is no such thing as cheap SEO, only good SEO and potentially damaging SEO. Good SEO however is hard to find and hopefully you now have a good grasp on how to assess quality vs smoke and mirrors. Our SEO service is quoted based on the actual costs incurred both initially and ongoing. We have an upfront fee which covers our time setting up the once off activities like Onsite SEO and the Social Fortress. These are time intensive projects so there is a once off set up fee for this. Then we have monthly Link Building which starts in month 1 but may not publish links until month 2.

It’s All About Relevant &

Motivated Traffic

The goal of SEO should not be solely focused around keyword ranking. An effective SEO strategy looks at the total volume of relevant traffic from both generic, targeted and long tail keywords. It also focuses on ensuring the quality of traffic, through monitoring increases in relevant search term activity (what people actually type into Google) resulting in valuable actions on your website or high levels of engagement, ( time on site & page views). If we can increase the overall volume of relevant high converting search traffic from organic sources using either a few dozen or a few thousand keywords, then we are on track to a highly successful SEO strategy for your business.

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