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We create campaigns for business owners that engage and convert with high quality native content, dynamic videos and irresistible offers.

We deliver results through a methodical and layered approach of split

testing audiences, videos and images with teaser content downloads and

limited time instant form offers. Here is an example of what is

possible for your business.

Most common question about Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

Will Facebook and Instagram advertising work for my business?

The answer to this will requires a consultation but here is some general insight.

If your business is a service that anyone can decide to purchase at any time in their lives, you have a distinct advantage. For example most people don’t need a Lawyer until something happens in their lives that requires a Lawyer. However if you’re are a Financial Advisor, this is a service that Anyone can decide to use at Anytime. If your service fits this criteria we can setup Instant Form campaigns to generate instant leads. As long as your offer is compelling we will build an engaging ad that is split tested across a 5 to 10 audiences.

A big factor in commanding the attention of your potential customers is by targeting interests categories that your customers would fall into. These can be direct or associated interests. For example if you sell Golf Equipment this would be considerably easy to do with so many targetable interests that are related to Golf; Brands, Famous Golfers, Golf Clubs, Shoes, gloves etc. The same would apply if you sell Fishing equipment. The challenge however is many people have an interest in Golf or Fishing, but may not play or fish that often and may never buy from you. To filter these people out we can also narrow the audience buy adding online behaviours like “Shopping Online” or having multiple layered golf interests like must like “Golf” + must like “PGA Tour” to segment those who are avid golfers.

There are some audiences on Facebook which are just oversaturated and the cost of advertising is naturally going to be expensive. Facebook know this not just by the interests you choose (although that is the biggest factor), Facebook knows based on your Ad Copy, your website and eventually based on the type of people engaging with your ad. For example if your service is B2B then targeting Business Owners is up there as one of most expensive audience categories. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t target them, it just means you will need a super hot offer and eye catching banner ad to capture their attention. It needs to be simple and relevant to all business owners and not just a few.

If your product or service is not so easy to target based on interests or online behaviour’s or you are an Ecommerce store, you will need the assistance of Facebook AI to help target motivated buyers. Industries that normally use Google Ads to target people actively searching for a specific service is not so easy to replicate on Facebook or Instagram Ads. You need a conversion objective campaign with the foundations setup for tracking. For accurate tracking firstly you need a GTM container for all your tracking codes to go into. Your domains need to be verified and aggregated events are required to track the path to purchase or conversion. However for best results and thanks to IOS updates we need to track as much as we can to identify potential buyers. This includes setting up CAPI level tracking that integrates with your CRM to track the entire path to sale or an AWS server setup where we track CAPI level events manually based on offline data that we feed back into the AWS server which then pushes back to Facebook to continue AI learning. Told it wasn’t simple, but it is effective. It requires patience, trust and at least a few thousands per month ad budget with a time horizon of at least 3-6 month in training your pixel before you can see optimal ROI levels. Many business are not ready for this level of AI machine learning investment. Like I said if your product or service is easily targetable based on interests then avoid this until you are ready. Same goes for Instant Form Lead Campaigns if your offers or service can be purchased by almost anyone at anytime, start here first.

Ask yourself this….What is the lifetime value of a new customer in your business? If you keep a new customer engaged with your service via Email Marketing, SMS, Retargeting, Regular Deals, Up-sells, Cross-sells…how much is that new customer worth over 5 or 10 years? Now once you have that number in your mind, then ask yourself. What would you offer a new customer RIGHT NOW to enter into that long term customer relationship? Would you even lose a little now to gain a lot long term? We call this an LLO…Loss Leader Offer or Lose Little Offer. You can still make big profits now… Just build more value into your offer.
Offers are a great way to incentivise a higher transaction value per customer. Customers will always spend more when they see the value in your offer.

Get a Free X When you order X
Claim your free X now with every X purchase
Order X and get your third X free

Then if you create some urgency around your X, people will take action.
And the biggest ACTION trigger…. is FOMO.

Be quick! Offer valid for the first 10 customers.
Offer expiring, download NOW to use anytime this month.
Claim NOW, This ad offer expires soon.
Hurry! This Ad will self-destruct after the first 20 bookings.

When it comes to grabbing people’s attention and,
compelling people to take action with your offers,
we are the #1 Creative Ad Offer Agency..

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After hearing from so many clients who, despite being business-savvy, have got burned by other agencies, we wanted to do things differently. To restore faith that not all agencies only care about themselves. That’s why everything we do is more like a partnership. If our clients don’t see results, we don’t get paid. Our dedicated Kick Media team will take care of every aspect of your marketing. Develop a solid strategy based on your ideal clients, create all the ads. Even launch the campaigns and get tweaking them until leads are flowing in like mathematical algorithms!

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However, our time is a limited commodity too and like you we put a lot into offering this level of service so spots are limited. We’re looking for a handful of clients who share our ambitions and work ethic. Our ideal clients are serious about scaling, and able to handle plenty of new lucrative and loyal clients (that’s all in our targeting). Ready to kick-start your journey toward massive growth and your best results yet?

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