of people read reviews
for local businesses


of buying decisions are
influenced by online reviews?

The heartbeat of any business is 3 things

If you stopped advertising your business would
you still be able to survive and grow?

Is the heartbeat of your business strong enough
to thrive in any economic condition?


our most important tool to create strong foundationsand the building blocks to thrive in any industry.

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Is your business relying
too much on all of these?

Is your business relying
too much on all of these?

Advertising is important, but if you rely on
advertising 100%, you are at the mercy of algorithm
updates, new competitors and feature changes.

Google Headlines

$30 per click? How can a small business compete against the big franchise brands

Facebook Headlines

Facebook will change its algorithm to promotemore personal content

With so many changes to ad platforms, features,technologies and big brands dominating top positions,

how can a local business compete?

“I’ve been running Heartbeat360 in my business for 3 months, I now have over 30 five star reviews, get far more referrals every month, and I have instant trust with every sales enquiry before they even call. Thanks to Heartbeat360

David White – White IT

How does it work?

It starts with Feedback

Do you know which customers to ask for a Google Review?
Would you ask an unhappy customer for a Google Review?
Of course not.

Did you know…

Unhappy customers are two to three times more likely to leave a negative online
review compared to happy customers who leave a positive review.

Happy Reviews

UNHappy Reviews

Even if 99% of your customers are extremely happy, one negative online review can hurt….. BADLY.

It can even cost you potentially dozens of new customers every month. With Heartbeat360 you will be alerted in a heartbeat, so you can proactively please an unhappy customer and turn their frown upside down, before their rage hits the general public.

You’ll find customers appreciate you cared enough to simply ask are you happy with our service. At a restaurant do you appreciate being asked “ how is your food”. Of course.

So now YOU can take control to avoid negative online reviews that can damage your business and instantly ask only happy customers if they will leave you a positive online review. Which is the next step in building a strong heartbeat for your business.

With Heartbeat360 you are alerted in real time if a customer is not happy. We find over 90% of customers don’t let you
know they are dissatisfied until it escalates into a negative online review. You are able to avoid most if not all negative
reviews by simply knowing who is unhappy and being proactive to repair issues.

We estimate less than 10% of
happy customers leave a positive online review?

You work so hard to please customers, but less than 1 in 10 will leave a Good review online?

agree it’s not fair, but do you want to know why? YOU DIDN’T ASK!

Let’s face reality, it’s human nature. Most people tend to focus on a negative experience than a positive one.

Maybe it’s evolutionary survival instinct or maybe people are just too busy, but the one fact remains. If you don’t ask, you don’t receive and most businesses don’t ask customers for a positive review.

When you ask a happy customer to leave a Google review the common response is, “Of course YES, sorry I didn’t think, i’d be happy to.”

Happy customers WILL leave a positive review if you just simply ask for it.

It’s human nature, ask and you shall receive. With heartbeat360 you will never forget to ask
and share an online positive review ever again.

So now your doing a great job getting feedback to improve your
service and getting reviews to build and maintain your reputation,
but a strong business heartbeat still needs one more thing.

Even if 99% of your customers are extremely happy,
one negative online review can hurt….. BADLY.

But why are referrals so important?

Firstly they don’t cost anything. A referral is FREE so it’s 100% ROI and only takes a second to ask, yet most sales people and business owners don’t ask. People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by another customer so your customers can become your best sales people. And Referrals are more likely to result in more referrals. If you nurture your customer database eventually you may never need to pay for advertising again. Want to super charge your referrals?

Inside heartbeat360 you can also offer attractive customer incentives like a Gift Cards or Discount Vouchers for your customers, their friends and family. With Heartbeat360 you have the potential to drive the growth of your business with a strong foundation to thrive with or without advertising.

Not asking happy customers for referrals is where most businesses lose
the most amount of sales revenue and profit.


Of consumers Trust Referrals
From people they know – Nilesen

Even if 99% of your customers are extremely happy,
one negative online review can hurt….. BADLY.

Without Feedback you can’t ask the right people for positive Google Reviews.Without Reviews you can’t build
more trust to get more referrals. Without Referrals you can’t grow organically as a business should.

This is the heartbeat of any business

$100 per month or $700 per year

No lock in contracts. Your heartbeat360 service will be setup within 2 days.