Your email drip fed gold mine

Are you sitting on a gold mine of client and prospect email addresses, and doing nothing about it?
Are you sending value offers to existing and past clients to build loyalty, generate referrals and cross-sell your services?
When you get an online enquiry, are you sending an email immediately that tells your story and builds trust in your brand?
Are you sending a sequence of automated emails in what we call the Hot Buy Zone (7 Day) and Warm Buy Zone (60 day) Periods.
Have you created 3 to 4 buy now and buy later offers to email everyone?
Have you developed a compelling lead magnet with a landing page to talk about in your emails?

Most businesses are not doing any of this and the cost opportunity is HUGE!

There are many email marketing platforms available that allow you to build highly complex marketing sequences, however many business owners have little time to invest into planning the content for their email marketing sequences.

Kick Media recommend as their preferred email marketing platform. While also being a very affordable platform we are able to create very intuitive and intelligent email marketing campaigns based on a number of online triggers that identify different types of behavioral activity and important email and website actions taken by your database leads.

We can trigger email sequences or SMS campaigns to begin or change based on the following triggers:

  • Time based
  • Clicks a link
  • Opens another email
  • Subscribed to another list
  • Landing page URL goals
  • Data changed
  • Auto Responder Sent
  • Birthdays

My favourite one is “landing page goals”. Why?

If a recent enquiry revisits your website a 2nd or 3rd time, it usually means they have progressed to the next stage of the buying cycle, in other words, they are now a very hot lead. Most businesses would not know this information but with “revisit tracking codes” installed on your site, now your sales team can be notified of these very hot leads in real time and take proactive action to nudge them off the fence. Remember websites and emails don’t sell nearly as well as a person jumping on the phone and addressing specific buying hesitations, motivations, wants and needs.

Every potential customer needs a gentle nudge to commit and if you’re waiting for customers to make buying decisions without any guidance or persuasion from you, then you are dreaming of a perfect business that doesn’t exist.

Another great feature within Activecampaign is the ability to integrate with Tropo SMS and send special offers via text message based on any range or combination of triggers you can think of. Imagine you just had a phone enquiry, you then requested their contact details (by the way most business owners don’t ask for contact details from an inbound phone enquiry) and you entered them into Activecampaigns. You tagged them with a code “inbound enquiry” about a specific product or service, so now they are receiving an email with great content related to their enquiry. You also tagged them to indicate they didn’t buy yet, which triggers an SMS to be sent out 2 days later with a special offer that links to a landing page with a compelling call to action. I think you get the picture. We are now building a sales funnel using a combination of emails, SMS and notifications to your sales team.

What you end up with is a sales automation blueprint that works on autopilot and guides your sales team to spend their time calling the right people at the right time.

To finish up here is a guide to help you with writing your first sequence of emails in what we call the “7 Day Hot Buy Zone”

Email 1 – Sent instantly, build trust by telling your brand story, who are your happy clients and why do you do what you do with a nice “soft offer” call to action.
Email 2 – Sent 2 days later, you want to present a problem, a solution and the outcome that your product and service can provide, again repeating your soft offer at the end.
Email 3 – 2 days later, is when you put on the hard sell, and sing your tune a bit more. Why are you an authority in your field, a unique value offer and a risk reversal offer.
Email 4 – 2 days later on day 7. Provide education, a customer story and use your best elevator sales pitch with a strong buy offer that is very compelling and wont last long.

So 4 emails over a 7 day period combined with Google Remarketing and Facebook Retargeting is your highest chance of converting leads into a sales in the first 7 days of a phone or online enquiry. Ensure your risk reversal offer is strong. This could be any offer that provides 100% confidence they have nothing to risk in doing business with or buying from you. Money back guarantees, return within 7 days with full refund, service promise guarantees, free gift if not 100% satisfied, your quality promise or vision statement that proves without any doubt you are a company that can be trusted.

The key however is to build your database and nurture it. Train your team when they answer the phone to always ask for a name and email address. Create a valuable reason why and offer to send it to them via email.

Getting your email marketing and sales automation in place is critical to the success of any business, it’s doesn’t have to be perfect, just have something working. Any nuture sales funnel is better than no communication at all, you can always tweak it later so take action today.

Talk to one of our automation experts at Kick Media and allow us to help you design an sales automation blueprint for your business.

Brendon Comerford

Managing Director / Digital Strategy Analyst

Brendon is our Managing Director and follows a transformational leadership style that inspires trust through a shared team vision. His GM experience for multiple agencies brings both a level of integrity that has lured the best to follow and the lessons to live by in building a stable and talented digital team.