Are you a Financial Advisor…

Looking for appointments booked direct to your Calendar?
Learn how we leverage LinkedIn to outreach at scale and
qualify via chat and phone people who need your service.

At Kick Media, you can rest easy. We have an entire team who specialise in new client acquisition tactics just for Financial Advisors.

This financial advisor wanted to scale his business to new heights with a minimal budget to play with. Here’s how we helped scaled his Financial Services practice with predictable certainty

The Challenge

To increase the number of B2B leads with winning audiences & assets.

The Process

  • Given the low budget, we decided to play safe and restrict our scope of experiments.
  • Therefore, we decided to use lookalikes of highly converting audiences, tested against the new audience we created out of our research.
  • With a limited number of previously winning ad copies and creatives, our CBO worked really well at TOF.
  • The daily ad spend was set at $30/day

The Results

  • Within a short period of 2 weeks, we got a highly converting lookalike audience against all the rest at CPL under the desired target of 73.58%.
  • 1 out of 3 adsets worked well with the same set of audiences, winning all the 18 leads within 2 weeks.

Over 450 replies and conversions in 10 months

18 Appointments Booked in 3 weeks

Realtime Qualified Appointments Booked Direct to a Shared Google Sheet and your Online Calendar

Phone and Chat Verified Leads and Appointments

We are 100% confident in what we do.

Imagine being able to focus solely on the client side of the business and never having to spend time again on lead gen. Even better? If we don’t bring in the leads you need to help you hit your revenue goals, you don’t part with a cent!

Please Note

Due to high degree of involvement and coaching, we only take on a limited number of clients per month and we screen to ensure your maximum success with us. You must cover LinkedIn Premium expenses, Email Marketing and Zapier costs. Setup fees may apply if existing profiles require considerable optimisation.

It’s not empty hype. Performance-Based means we REALLY Do put your success before our own profits!

No More Networking or Breakfast Meetings

Receive daily interested replies and conversations.

How We Fragment The 1% Ready To Invest In Your Services Right Now

The Old Way

The New Way

Why Work With Us?

After hearing from so many financial advisors who, despite being dollar-savvy, have got burned by other agencies, we wanted to do things differently. To restore faith that not all agencies only care about themselves. That’s why everything we do is more like a partnership. If our clients don’t see results, we don’t get paid.Our dedicated Kick Media team will take care of every aspect of your marketing. Develop a solid strategy based on your ideal clients, create all the ads. Even launch the campaigns and get tweaking them until leads are flowing in like mathematical algorithms! And if you’ve tried to do so yourself or for ANY reason are thinking Google and Facebook Ads just won’t work for your advisory…?

We’ll Prove They Can!

However, our time is a limited commodity too and like you we put a lot into offering this level of service so spots are limited. We’re looking for a handful of clients who share our ambitions and work ethic. Our ideal clients are serious about scaling, and able to handle plenty of new lucrative and loyal clients (that’s all in our targeting). Ready to kick-start your journey toward massive growth and your best results yet?

Ready to Scale Fast?

We only have a few spaces for performance based result clients, so book now – Don’t Miss Out!