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Kick Media genuinely cares about our business. Up until about 5 years ago, we seemed to have all sorts of trouble with Adwords managers. Then we chose Kick Media and have not looked back. While others made promises about results, Kick Media told us what they would do, then quickly rolled their sleeves up and got to work on doing it. The results have been consistent over that time, and the service provided has never been lack luster; they have never taken us for granted, and they are consistently checking in to see if the data they are seeing reflects the numbers at our end. – Bryan West, Fortress Learning. www.fortresslearning.com.au


Brendon and Chris and the team from Kick Media have been working on various aspects of my business’s media and marketing with great success. Their work has included SEO, AdWords, Website improvements, Remarketing techniques, Facebook advertising, and various other things as the need has arisen, they just jump in and help. These guys are committed to their client’s success and love what they do so they’ve nailed the superior customer service that they strive for. Would highly recommend if you’re a business owner looking to take your business to a new level. – Justin Ireland, – www.strategiclawyers.com.au


I have been with Kick Media for 7 years now and have found it does take time but they get excellent results. Chris does our SEO and he has us ranking if first position for many key words and Joseph does our google ads and he has reduced our spend by cutting out words that don’t convert to sales and spending more on those that do. Keep up the good work fella’s!! – Russel Crawford, www.cafesolutions.com.au


With the Covid downturn, we lost a lot of our big event contracts and the team at Kick Media creatively helped solve these traffic issues for us and redirect our Ad and SEO spend to be more efficient and yield solid results.
I’ve been with Kick Media for over 2 years now and have been so impressed with the team, the results we’ve seen since we started and the extra support they give through their free webinars. The whole team are great but Joseph and Chris especially have really helped our business grow.
Jared – www.theprintbar.com.au


Kick media has been doing a fantastic job for our business. We have used them for a few years now. They are always proactive and professional. We strongly recommend them as they will definitely improve your business. A big thanks to the team at kick media! – Javis Robins, www.staticelectrics.com.au


I have had Kick media helping me and my business for over two years and I have been very impressed with there ability to produce real results and they actually answer there phone unlike some other companies I had tried before kick medial , They are a company I will continue to work with for this reason.- Ryan Old, www.brisbaneplumbinganddrainage.com.au


I only have three words that describe this company, Honest, Genuine and Professional. As a Business Owner, these are key aspects that drive sales and customers. They understand budgets, times and goals, something very hard to find in the industry inundated with dishonesty and deceptive conduct. Knowing when something works and doesn’t work, keeping realistic goals and expectations. This creates trust and when you can trust someone you can create the best business relationships. This is what Kickmedia does and they do it well. – David White, www.whiteit.com.au


I am very happy with the awesome level of service and the great improvements that have been made to our internet advertising campaign by Brendon, Ross and the Guys at Kick Media. First class knowledge, first class service and a great work ethic. Thanks Guys. – Allan Gray, www.justcovers.com.au


I consider myself very up to date with the latest in online marketing and technologies to build businesses online, Brendon on the other hand takes things to whole new levels.

  • Website Renovation (CRO)
  • Multi-Local SEO
  • Google Ads + CRM A.I.
  • LinkedIn Targeted Outreach
  • Cold Email + Landing pages
  • Sales & Booking CRM Automation
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Omnipresent Branding

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Our Services

Kick Media is a full service digital marketing agency. This means we can become your entire outsourced marketing department.
With specialists in each area you can start with specific solutions and as you grow, outsource all areas of marketing listed below.
Our team resources stretch from SEO, paid ads, graphic design and web to content writing and general marketing management.
You can save hundreds of thousands each year in staff salaries and pay just one retainer fee for all your marketing needs.

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Pay Per Click
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SEO & Maps
YouTube Ads
Facebook Ads
Display Ads

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Optimise Sites
Point of Sale
Sales Pages
Lead Magnets
Boost Reviews
Promo Offers

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Email marketing
SMS marketing
Drip fed emails
Funnel sequence
Sales Lead Alerts

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Sales Process
Sales Follow Up
Customer Service

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But Talk is Cheap, The Proof is in The Results.

  • Ad Words Optimisation
  • Website Conversion Optimisation
  • Logo re-design
  • -25.59%Cost Per Click
  • +31.00%Clicks
  • +116%Conversions
  • -54.91%Cost Per Conversion
  • +65.00%Conversion Rate

As you can see below the first months bid management activity significantly increased click volume by 31% while also significantly decreasing cost per click by 25.59%.

Below you can see the bid management and negative keyword targeting enabled a 52% positive decrease in cost per conversion and a 61% increase in website enquiries. Currently we are only still tracking website enquiries and not call enquiries until some coding changes are made onsite. So this data in fact could be even higher.

  • AdWords Optimisation
  • Lead QualityImproved
  • +18.47%Clicks
  • -12.22%CPC
  • +46.08%CTR
  • +97.92%Conversions
  • -47.43%Cost / Conversion
  • +67.10%Conversion Rate

After several months of testing and optimisaiton we were able to achieve a breakthrough in performance. CPC, CTR, Clicks and Conversions all improved significantly. However the biggest breakthrough was lead quality.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Saturation
  • 262%Increase In Organic Sessions
  • 250%Increase in tracked enquiries
  • 10%Kept Bounce Rate within Range.

Traffic has seen continual growth over the last 14+ Months which is projected to continue as we take advantage of more opportunities. Similar Increases in tracked enquiries paired with bounce rates remaining similar prove the quality of the new traffic has not deteriorated despite the impressive growth.

  • AdWords Optimization
  • Website Conversion Optimisation
  • Remarketing & Retargeting
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • -45.92%Cost Per Click
  • +196.20%Clicks
  • +391.30%Conversions
  • -67.41%Cost Per Conversion
  • +65.90%Conversion Rate

As you can see below, the first few months bid management activity significantly increased click volume by over 100% while also significantly decreasing our cost per click.

As a result of consistent optimization, relevant expansion and exclusion of terms, and a well executed bid management strategy, we can see in the chart below a steady increase of Conversions and Clicks.

  • A full restructure of the adwords account, moving to a SKAG based structure which focussed on only the most motivated relevant terms, and stopped targeting ‘research queries
  • A state specific account structure which allowed us to allocate budget to the geographic areas which had the highest conversion rates
  • 11.05%Reduction in their Cost Per Conversion
  • 49.59%Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 262.09%Increase in search Click Through Rate
  • 50.11%Increase in overall Conversions

Miners Den are Australia’s largest distributor of world class Minelab metal detectors. With multiple physical stores across Melbourne, Bendigo, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Kick Media were so excited to work with the Miners Den team to help improve their online presence and performance and further expand the reach of this brand. Through the numerous strategies and Joseph’s work with the Miners Den Team we were able to achieve the following results.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Saturation
  • 19Consecutive months of organic traffic growth
  • $4000Equivalent permonth in traffic

Traffic levels grew in 20 out of the first 21 months of operation. this growth is projected to continue as we take advantage of more opportunities. Between the quick growth of organic traffic and a highly targeted AdWords campaign we helped this company achieve profitability of the new showroom quite quickly which has helped fund continued expansion.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Saturation
  • 12 out of 13Months of organic traffic growth
  • $6000Equivalent permonth in traffic

We achieved growth very quickly for a brand new website. Between the quick growth of organic traffic and a highly targeted AdWords campaign we help this company achieve profitability of the new showroom quite quickly which has helped fund continued expansion.

Ask our sales team how we can implement these strategies for your brand and expand your business.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • ConsistentOrganic Growth
  • $20k+Equivalent Traffic value

With the cost of AdWords traffic in this industry getting extremely expensive per click the value of this organic traffic is quite significant on a monthly basis. The consistent growth is projected to continue as we take advantage of interstate opportunities for expansion.

  • AdWords Optimization
  • Website Conversion Optimisation
  • Remarketing
  • -28.52%Cost Per Click
  • +20%Clicks
  • +56%Conversions
  • -62.40%Cost Per Conversion
  • +87.52%Conversion Rate

As you can see below within the first month we were able to bring the cost per conversion down and have managed to keep it lower than when it was previously managed by another marketing company.

Without recreating the wheel, and by sticking to our proven processes, we have been able to transform this account and increase Conversions (as you can see on the chart above), despite some very challenging times in the Training Industry.

  • AdWords Optimization
  • Website Conversion Optimisation
  • Display Remarketing & Retargeting
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Shopping Campaign
  • -41.17%Cost Per Click
  • +229%Clicks
  • +250%Conversions
  • -52.20%Cost Per Conversion

The graph below shows the pattern of clicks since Kick Media have taken over the account. From the outset we achieved 120-150 clicks per day which has steadily increased to 300-350 clicks a day. By lowering the cost per click and managing our average keyword positions, we’ve managed to increase the amount of clicks possible within the same initial budget. In fact, we managed to more than halve the cost per click from .85 cents initially to around .35 cents on average. Overall this has been quite an achievement considering that the previously managed account was only getting 40-50 clicks a day.

Now with the confidence of our client, we’ve been able to reintroduce the shopping campaign. This is in addition to dynamic re-marketing and Facebook re-targeting campaigns plus we are currently exploring and discussing further opportunities with the client as they present themselves.

  • Moving to a SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Group) structure and creating state based search campaigns rather than campaigns targeting all of Australia.
  • 91.2%Increase in Return On Ad Spend
  • 42.9%Increase in Transaction Revenue
  • 48.3%Ieduction in their Cost Per Conversio
  • 19.1%Increase in Overall Conversion Rate
  • 67.6%Increase in search Click Through Rate
  • 38.4%Iecrease in average Cost Per Click
  • 33.4%Increase in Ecommerce Conversion Rate

MMA Fight Store have been working since 2011 to become Australia’s largest supplier of mixed martial
arts products.

Kick Media were so excited to work with MMA Fight Store team to improve their online presence and return on ad spend. Through a full restructure of the adwords account and implementation of advanced strategies we were able to achieve the following results in just a few weeks.

About Kick Media

Kick Media is a boutique agency using the latest marketing and tracking technologies, which means reporting and results are 100 % transparent. You can be assured every dollar you spend has a dollar return on investment by knowing exactly how much your next phone call or online enquiry is costing you.

With a strong policy on honest and ethical advice you can be assured we only recommend strategies we are confident will work for your business. We can tailor the most effective digital strategy to fit your marketing budget and show you how to save thousands of dollars in unnecessary Google spend.

Why Kick Media


Does you agency have HR issues and keep passing you around from one digital manager to the next?

  • It can take months & years for a digital manager to know the depth of your business and what works and what doesn’t.
  • At Kick Media all our team are minimum 5 years. So you will have a long term partner in the growth of your business.


Does your digital manager slowly become complacent, lazy and uninspired to find new growth solutions?

  • All our managers are rewarded and appreciated on every increase in performance they achieve for your business.
  • At Kick Media the employee mentality does not exist. We encourage entrepreneurship and outside the box thinking.


Is your agency too big, profit hungry and hires in experienced staff to manage your marketing budgets?

  • Often an agency is growing too fast and hires easy to find relationship managers, not seasoned marketers.
  • At Kick Media our priority is investing in knowledge, tools, and capping client numbers so our team can focus on results.

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