The number 1 secret in the SEO industry

I want to show you the number 1 secret in the SEO industry that most agencies either don’t know or don’t want you to know.

This secret it so simple but it’s also extremely difficult for most (not all) SEO agencies to offer as part of their SEO service.

You see Google doesn’t want SEO agencies to be able to manipulate the Google algorithm. Why would they, Google doesn’t make money from organic listings.

You don’t have to believe one SEO experts way of doing things, you just need to understand the common sense behind how and why Google keeps making the algorithm harder and harder to manipulate.

Firstly Google wants only relevant and trusted websites to appear in the top positions on Google. Why? Well otherwise people will stop using Google right?

So Google is always altering their algorithm to filter out manipulation, spam sites and rank only genuinely trusted sites with good content.

So how does google do this?

Firstly your site must pass the bare minimum requirements of onsite SEO and quality content that is easy for Google to read, but that’s just the start.
More content can help you to rank for long-tail specific keywords that don’t have a lot of search volume, but it can be much more difficult for your most competitive money making keywords.

Why? Because anyone can hire writers to just write more and more content, this does not mean your brand is more trusted and relevant for users.
To appear front page and top 3 for your money making, high competitive keywords, more content is not the single answer, link building is also needed.

If you don’t know what link building is, it’s really quite simple. It’s any website that has content with a link that if clicked, directs through to a page on your website.
But you can’t just find link opportunities on any site. Not all links and websites are created equal. If you missed the last email, read this blog first to understand why Link Velocity often requires less links each month that are published on highly trusted and relevant websites.

Why does Google value links higher than content?

Well because it’s very difficult to convince another website owned by another organisation to publish content about you. So Google has focused its algorithm on hard to get links from high authority trusted websites to determine who is genuine and relevant to a particular topic.

So here is the #1 SEO secret.

Find websites that already have trust with google and convince them to give you link.

How do you determine if a site is trusted by google? See if that site already has ranking and traffic of its own. This can be done quite easily by reviewing the domain in tools like semrush and Ahrefs to check for the amount of organic traffic and how many rankings they have. Semrush even has a free account that will allow you to review a couple of sites per day.

The sites you create these links on should always be either;

  1. Directly relevant to your industry.
  2. Allow you to create relevance by controlling the way in which the link is placed i.e keyword in url, keywords in titles, anchor text etc.

There are other factors as well, like making sure the site is not spammy and has no manual penalties against it, but these are the two most important factors.

So why is this so difficult for SEO companies to achieve. Well think about it, you don’t own these websites who are writing about your brand, so there is very little control to ensure they publish content with a relevant keyword in the URL and use your brand name or URL as the anchor text words that hyperlink to your site. It is also very difficult to convince website owners with a domain authority over 40 to publish content about your brand.

So how do we find and create links with your top money making keywords in the URL and your brand as the anchor text. Well that’s our agency secret but all that matters is that we can.

Once you know your SEO agency is building high authority, topically relevant backlinks, all you need to then focus on is the ultimate outcome, more sales from organic traffic.

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Brendon Comerford

Managing Director / Digital Strategy Analyst

Brendon is our Managing Director and follows a transformational leadership style that inspires trust through a shared team vision. His GM experience for multiple agencies brings both a level of integrity that has lured the best to follow and the lessons to live by in building a stable and talented digital team.