Convert More Traffic Into Leads


Last week we focused on the first pillar of marketing success, “Target Better Quality Traffic”. The next logical step is to “Convert More Traffic Into Leads”, and often represents the most important road block that needs to be cleared before any marketing strategy can become effective.

It is one of the most important yet most overlooked opportunities with the potential to completely transform the growth of your business. It is also the most cost efficient, profitable and simplest of marketing strategies.

Business owners spend tens of thousands per year driving traffic to their site but only a fraction of the cost or time working out how to convert more traffic into leads. It is very important that we clarify from the start, that more traffic does not equal more customers, often it means more cost and lower ROI.

Your first step should focus on implementing a high conversion, low cost strategy, and once you achieve this, then focus on increasing relevant traffic volume. Your cost now becomes focused on ROI with $1 in and $5 out; and as long as you keep a profitable ratio of cost and revenue you can continue increasing traffic until this ratio starts to decrease again. Without more leads you do not have an opportunity to make more sales.