Our Attitude

We believe in creating affordable websites that look great and deliver results for any size business. We build websites in mind for Google and Conversion to ensure maximum online business growth. We push the limits on every project to ensure your needs and concerns are carefully understood and your expectations are met on time with total satisfaction. You get more than just a website designer, you get a marketing coach who knows how to get the best possible conversion.

Our Approach

We can generate an unlimited amount of traffic to your site using AdWords and SEO but if your site does not look professional and people don’t trust it they will not take any action to contact you. At Kick Media we are also web conversion specialists who understand web psychology to convert traffic coming to your site. For example, the limbic part of the brain determines fight or flight behaviours which is an autonomic process in everyone’s nervous system. In simple terms people decide whether to trust you or not with in a split second of viewing your site. So do you have the right amount of trust factor with your website?
When we design the layout and navigation of a site we don’t just guess. We use careful data analysis of traffic demand and search engine keyword research for your industry to make sure your site is relevant to the user experience. In other words we design the navigation, headlines and content based around the most popular search terms and phrases for your industry. We have turned web design from marketing and creativity into a science that delivers the highest possible conversions.

Our Web Strategy

Your web strategy starts by understanding what is the purpose of your website and how is it going to be used. Ask yourself the following questions:
• Is your website a primary source of lead conversion and what percentage of leads and sales come from website generated enquiries?
• Do you want your website to inform and educate with valuable content or is it just a sales tool?
• Do you prefer that users consume important content first before calling you?
• Do you prefer your website to generate form enquiries or phone calls or both? If so are capable of answering live chat enquiries from your mobile during business hours?
• Does your priority also include building a memorable brand presence or focus on a clear competitive positioning in the marketplace.
• Does your website sell direct through ecommerce?
With consideration of your specific business needs we recommend that all businesses consider the following information as part of their web strategy.
The Email Marketing opt-in.
Focus on building an opt-in email marketing database from your website traffic. Remember that most people are not ready to make a buying decision the first time they visit your website. They are either at research, planning or comparison stages, so by building a database you are able to continue building trust and influence with a carefully thought out and executed email auto-responder sequence. Email marketing is still the number one sales conversion tool that exists today and combined with an advanced remarketing strategy is by the far the most profitable web strategy you can implement.
(Study showing email marketing as the number one revenue marketing strategy)
Design a Call To Action offer that results in a form being filled out in return for perceived value to the potential customer.
What considerations are needed for influencing people to give you their contact details?
1. An amazing offer that has an immediate value or benefit or locks in a future value or benefit.

a. Download your Free Voucher for (bracelet, iphone cover, sunglass cleaner), redeemable at any time in the future. Offer expires …..(today)
b. BBQ Recipes: 100 new recipes for cooking masterchef meals on the BBQ. (for a BBQ store)

2. Calls to action for those ready to buy now, but with a clear difference. 

a. Quick Quote Replies in 10 minutes. (for those who don’t want to call but willing to wait a few minutes)
b. Call Now for an instant quote (for those who are impatient)
c. Call Today and receive a free …….(builds urgency)
d. Download our Pricing Schedule…(people who want purchase information quick)
e. Click Here to view our full catalogue (works well with a pop up form, half committed actions persuade continuation of a full action if prompted in a slightly sneaky way.)

3. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
This service looks at the layout, colour, images, content and user journey of your site. CRO is not restricted to just generating leads. It is about providing a user experience that meets the goals of your audience and you. It includes simple things like the use of:
• testimonials,
• case studies,
• awards,
• images,
• copywriting
• blogs
• video
It can also focus on information architecture which looks at the following:
• aesthetic layout and colour psychology
• information value,
• emotional triggers,
• trust elements,
• curiousity,
• interaction,
• teaser content,
• intuitive navigation
• visitor flow
• story board experiences
• cross channel interaction – apps, gamification, social media
Want a simple strategy with unbelievable results?
Put your Call To Action on every page, above the scroll level and make it pop!
Don’t believe me? Just try it for 30 days and see what happens. But make sure you have a powerful Call To Action.
Brand Trust
Building brand trust for most businesses is crucial to website conversion. You can have the most amazing offer but if the autonomic response in the brand makes a split second decision not to trust your website, it means nothing.
This does not mean you have to be a household name or take a second mortgage for TV advertising. There are simple and inexpensive techniques for building brand trust.
1. Do you have a DIY looking Logo? Do yourself a favour and get on 99designs and set up a design contest and rebrand your business identify. Gives them only the brand description of how you want your brand image to be perceived in your industry and let them have the creative freedom. You can get over 100 design ideas from one contest for less than $500. It’s amazing! Choose a logo that gives you a true brand identity and is memorable.
2. Do you have a DIY looking website? Investing a few thousand dollars to spruce up or redesign a new website is always a great investment. If your lead generation strategies require a website to convert leads then this should be your most important consideration for the future of your business. A well designed website with a great user experience can turn your entire business around. On the other hand a poorly designed website can also mean a large opportunity cost. Your website is your most important tool for telling your customers who you are, how trustworthy are you and do you provide me with information I need to make a buying decision from you. It has also been proven that a business with an amazing website can boost its resale value by 10 to 20%.
3. Implement a great social media strategy and build engagement through competitions, special offers only available on your social media channels. Social media marketing is now proving to assist significantly in building brand trust which resulting in higher lead and sales conversions.
4. Remarketing for display and search. This is the most under utilised and powerful tool in building your brand to a targeted audience. Can you think of another tool that allows you to continue displaying your brand to a qualified audience (people who have visited your site) without requiring their contact details? What even more impressive is the ability to continue displaying your brand as often as you like on millions of website that people visit every day for less than a few hundred dollars per month. Building top of mind spontaneous awareness of your brand could not be easier or more affordable than this. There are a ton of benefits with remarketing. To learn more read our pages on Display and Search Remarketing.

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