What is a strategic partnership?

Most people refer to it simply as a cross promotion between two businesses.
What we have created is a strategy for you to generate potentially hundreds of cross promotion strategic partners. You will be surprised just how effective this can be in growing your business with amazing results.​​
We have developed 3 powerful education e-books to guide you with an in depth understanding of developing strategic endorsement partnerships.​
Part 1 – Click here
Part 2- Click here
Part 3- Click here

​We are launching a range of new marketing strategies this year to help business owners transition through some major Google changes coming to Australia soon which are going to shake up the way SEO and digital marketing impacts your business. ​

A strategic partnership can be in the form of both branding recognition and assisting your strategic partner to rank highly on Google via one way ​link referrals. These can be via your website in the form of  hypertext link referrals to your strategic partners website. 
Contact us with a list of businesses you want to network with and we will invite them into our strategic partnership network. 

How Do Strategic Partnerships Work?
Being endorsed by other companies in your industry is the most powerful way to build trust through referrals, improve your Google ranking and significantly grow your business.

Step1. Identify value partners
This means finding a non competitive business that has the type of clientèle who would require your product or service. This would normally be as an up-sell or cross-sell opportunity to new or existing clients to compliment their current or previous purchase.
Example: I sell security alarms and my endorsement partner only sells security doors and windows. At the point of sale: “I really think you should consider upgrading to a quality security door, I recommend “XYZ Security Doors” as a reputable company and if you mention our name they will give you a free……etc.”
Step 2. Send invitations to potential strategic partners.
We will invite the perfect strategic partners on your behalf. ​
Example: “I thought you might be interested in forming a cross promotion partnership with our business. We often get asked about _____and I think we might have a few clients to send your way. Are you in a position to take on some of my clients and promote us in return to your clients?”
We will arrange for a phone meeting to discuss some of the strategies you could both implement.​

Step 3. Agree on 1 or more endorsement strategies.
There are 4 powerful strategies to decide on.​
​1. Point of sale cross-promotion. ​
In this method you can agree to cross promote verbally at point of sale, in your quotations, proposals, welcome emails and invoices. By listing your business in our network, we will target new valuable strategic partnerships on your behalf.

2. eMarketing referrals:

  • Newsletters, ​
  • Email signatures
  • Google places reviews
  • Google plus 1’s​
  • Facebook likes and recommendations
  • ​thank you page partner endorsements and special offers.
  • Website referral and testimonial links. This method can be in the form of a banner ad, partner list, news articles, sponsorship logos. 


​3. Private label or co-branded payment referrals.
This strategy involves negotiating a paid commission on sales with a co-branding or private label agreement. This enables you to expand your product and service offering under your brand and get paid for it with out having to do all the work. This method is more advanced requiring more training via our Business Mastery eLearning programs.​ Business Boom Mastery is included as part of your membership to this network.
4.  Kick Media’s secret weapon
This is our highly secretive strategy we are experiencing amazing success with. This strategy is so incredibly powerful we have decided to keep it a secret from our competitors. It has the ability to boost your brand visibility to a targeted by 500% to 1000% within a few weeks. Contact us today for a face to face appointment to learn how this strategy could work for your business.​


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