New digital strategies and technologies for Marketing Managers.

  • Do you currently manage the marketing for a major brand and would you like to expand your skill set?
  • Are you a student of marketing and would like real world digital marketing education?
  • Learn the latest digital marketing strategies to expand your career opportunities.


Kick Media proudly support the Marketing Managers Summit as the leading provider of marketing education for business owners and marketing managers.  Kick Media implement all of the strategies discussed at the summit and endorse all of the guest speakers and experts in their field.
To become a world class marketing professional in your field you need world class marketing education.
Below are the topics you will learn that will set you apart and deliver results for your clients.

  • Understanding all available digital marketing strategies.
  • How to decide which digital strategies to implement for various products and services.
  • How to decide your business goals, monthly performance benchmarks & ROI metrics.
  • Learn what tracking technologies are available to measure marketing ROI.
  • How to audit the performance of any Paid Search strategy.
  • How to set up and structure a Paid Search strategy without being an expert.
  • How to plan an SEO strategy and audit the performance of your SEO company.
  • Understanding how to integrate online and offline performance for maximum ROI.


Have your branded banner follow every site visitor around the internet after they have exited your website.
Boost your sales revenue by up to 20 to 30% with a remarketing strategy.
[tpvideo id=”80343256″ site=”vimeo” autoplay=”0″ /]  
Have your Google text ads follow every site visitor who exists your site, next time they do a search on Google.
This video is more complex however is the same concept of remarketing except we are following people next time they do a Google search.
[tpvideo id=”m3-lMVSDM0c” site=”youtube” autoplay=”0″ /]  
Remarketing can also be applied to your Youtube vidoes and Facebook ads.
This ads another touch point in the buying cycle.
Understanding how your competitors search in order to find your business is critical to ROI.
Most people often allocate money on keywords or advertising channels that were the last touch point before a sales occurred.
The challenge is what led to a final touch point before the sale, also relied heavily on the multiple touch points that led to a final touch point.   With out the initial touch points you may find that a large proportion of the final touch points would not occur thus affecting whether a sale occured or not.
So what is an example of multiple touch points leading to a sale?
Once you understand the important of tracking all touch points in the purchase path you can then begin using your month on month data to bench mark performance at each touch point.  Once you have identified touch points that contribute most to a final sale you can then optimise your sales funnel using data to make decisions on your next promotional offer or brand strategy.
At team from Marketing Managers summit will show you how to build a powerful sales funnel that takes consumers on a journey from the first touch point through to the final consideration phases of purchasing your product or service.

1. How to target better quality leads
2. How to convert more website traffic into leads
3. How to convert more leads into sales
4. How to track where all sales and leads from come
At this event you will learn in detail how we bring together all four pillars into a marketing strategy that will transform your business.  This is more than a strategy, it is a formulae for business success that encompasses all aspects of marketing for business growth.

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