What is Display Remarketing?
Does it ever feel like you’re being followed around the internet by the same advertising brands? Chances are you have visited their website or partner site and have been tagged with a remarketing cookie.
Remarketing allows you to tag each visitor who visits your website and follow them with advertising display banners around the internet for up to 540 days.   The network of websites that you can be followed on is called the Google Display Network and makes up over 2 million websites.   Websites that you visit on a daily basis including, Youtube, Ebay, Amazon, Gumtree, Linkedin, Sky News, and thousands of other popular websites.  When your banner displays on any of these websites the only people who will see your banner are those who have previously visited your website.
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Imagine you sell sunglasses online. It would be helpful to only display banners that are relevant to specific pages visited.  So if I were shopping for Ray Ban Aviators and spent a minimum of 5 minutes on one or more of your pages that all sold aviator sunglasses, then you would consider me a strong lead. You would then be able to follow me with various banners in all shapes and sizes, all about Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses.
To make this even more specific, you would also know whether or not I actually purchased on your website.  If I didn’t purchase then you could display a second chance limited time offer in your banner, only to me.  I can even set up a rule based system to trigger a sequence of banners to display based on returning visits to specific pages and a length of time that a promotion may be running.
Now remember at this point you have no idea who I am, you don’t have my contact number, my email address or name.  Yet you know where I am going to be for the next 540 days, you know exactly what I am interested in and how motivated I am based on my site interaction.   Imagine adding to this by knowing how many times I have revisited your website and extending even more offers to me until I finally make a commitment to buy a $300 pair of Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses.
You see most people by nature don’t easily commit to buying something they want or need, in fact a known fact is that over 97% of people will not make a buying decision the first time they visit your website.   So imagine if you have just paid $3 to $4 for me to click on your Google Ad with out remarketing in place. You would not have the opportunity to eventually get me to commit.   Without Remarketing you could be wasting up to 97% of your Paid Search advertising budget and missing out on 20, 40 or even 50% increases in profit and revenue.  This also applies to all your other advertising channels, SEO, email, TV, Print, Radio.
Key benefits of Display Remarketing

  1. Build brand association and top of mind awareness to a targeted audience.
  2. Increase the frequency of repeat purchases by 10% to 30%.
  3. Display specific banners based on what pages of interest were visited.
  4. Follow up with a 2nd chance promotional offer without needing emails.
  5. Most email open rates are less than 15%. Remarketing is instantly visible.
  6. Assist your sales team with automated follow up messages.
  7. Build the PR of your personal profile to a targeted audience.  Great for sales reps,
    real estate agents, industry experts, authors or public speakers.
  8. Increase customer loyalty with vouchers, VIP programs or education.
  9. Build the appearance of mass marketing resulting in brand trust & authority.
  10. Increase the conversion of lead enquiries from the same size audience.
  11. Build an automated sales funnel to trigger the display of different banners based on rules, website activity and purchase history.
  12. Continue advertising to people who exit your website for up to 540 days.
  13. Have control over the frequency capping & how often they see your banners.
  14. Use remarketing in combination with social media strategies to target decision makers.
  15. Use remarketing as a tool to build strategic alliances and cross promotion opportunities with other non-competitive websites.


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