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To claim and qualify: Request a free Google Adwords Audit. Accounts must have a minimum account spend of $550 per month. Video audit must be viewed entirely before credit it applied.

Learn how to take back control of your marketing

Finally a FREE Digital Marketing education program designed for business owners
Are you tired of all the promises and all the hype around Digital Marketing? Have you been through the ringer several times with various agencies and all you receive are excuses? The fact is no one knows your business or cares more about it than you.
It’s time for business owners to take back control and learn how to identify and hold accountable digital marketing performance. You can no longer blindly trust anyone to manage your marketing budget. Learn how to partner with your marketing agency to maximise performance build your digital wisdom.
Build Your
Digital Wisdom

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  • Learn how to audit your AdWords
  • Understand the latest SEO techniques
  • Learn how to build a Marketing Funnel
  • How to build a killer brand strategy
  • Conversion assets you need to create
  • Understand website conversion principles
  • Learn audience targeting methods
  • How to create offers that compel action
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