The decision to manage your own Google AdWords should only be done if you are recruiting a marketing professional with experience and proven results. Often the cost of delegating this task to someone in house with out experience is usually met with higher costs than outsourcing it to a professional.
We understand however the benefits of having a full-time online marketing professional on staff to manage your Google AdWords. They may work closely with all aspects of your marketing and may be more in tune with your business goals and day to day operations. This is especially true for larger medium or corporate enterprises.
We provide in house corporate training for your staff and marketing team who will learn all aspects of Google AdWords practical training to be able to achieve the same results as an outsourced Google AdWords professional. In house training takes a few weeks plus ongoing support for a period of 3 months to begin seeing the benefits of an in house AdWords training program for your staff members.
Keep in mind that our Google AdWords Professionals have been doing this for years and will be focusing all their knowledge and experience into a few weeks of intensive training. Very little can be absorbed and applied with in this short period of time so It will require on going support to bridge the gap between theory taught and the application of this theory into profitable results.
For more information about our corporate training courses please contact us.

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