Attend the most profitable marketing workshop in Australia.
In 90 minutes you will learn and walk away with practical steps to transform the marketing plan for your business.
If you don’t have a marketing plan, this is your opportunity to build one that will rocket your business to the top of your industry.
Learn the 4 pillars of marketing success

1. How to target better quality leads

  • Simple steps to perform a Google analytics traffic audit on your website
  • How to audit and avoid paying for irrelevant traffic on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Strategies for identifying and targeting different types of motivated buyers
    • Avoiding information traffic that will never buy from you
    • Identify traffic that is ready to buy right now for instant ROI
    • Target traffic that will eventually buy and never let them go

2. How to convert more website traffic into leads

  • How to research your competitors online
  • Mystery shop what your competitors are offering
  • How to analyse if your site measures up online
  • Simple steps to double your online conversion rate
  • Discover the power of redeemable online offers
  • Learn 5 critical factors why most marketing strategies fail and what do to about it
    1. 97% of people will not contact you the first time they visit your website.
    2. Most people are not ready to make a buying decision on the first product they see or service they contact.
    3. Most people visit your website multiple times before they contact you.
    4. Most people lose motivation to buy anything if not convinced to do so.
    5. You will never be able to guess what people really want.

3. How to convert more leads into sales

  • Introducing the most powerful conversion strategy that 95% of business owners are not using
  • How to use the newest conversion tool “Google Offers” to present your new promotional offers
  • How to build and nurture a lead database and set your email marketing on autopilot
  • How to identify what your clients really want and use search data to design your new promo strategy
  • How to design a phone sales checklist to ensure you never lose another sales lead to your competitors
  • Learn the most clever repeat purchase and online referral strategy every created.
  • Why you must be using site, search and cross remarketing technology on your website

4. How to track where all sales and leads from come

  • Discover the concept of path to purchase and available tracking technologies
  • How to identify which keywords make you money and cost you money
  • How to track all sources of website traffic and which ones generate the most profit
  • Introduction to website and phone tracking performance optimisation
  • Understanding multi-channel attribution analysis to better allocate your marketing budget
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