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Over the next few weeks and months we will be working with you to provide a significant increase in performance, however this is a partnership, so there are a few steps that only you can help us with.  Below is a guide for you to start improving first impressions with potential customers.  We are here to guide you each step of the way and provide consultation and advice on everthing covered below. 

So let's get started.....

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Step 1.  Creating Lead Magnets

Firstly what is a Lead Magnet.  

A lead magnet (a.k.a. “opt-in bribe”) is an incentive that marketers and business owners offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email address, or other contact information.  Lead magnets usually offer a piece of digital, downloadable content, such as a free PDF checklist, report, eBook, whitepaper, video, but can also be focused on closing motivated buyers (buy now traffic) with special offers in exchange for contact information.

Why do we need Lead Magnets?  

The average conversion of a website is between 3% to 7%, which means if you pay for 100 visits to your site and only 3 to 7 people contact you, 93 to 97 visits are potentially lost sales.  It dosen't mean that the traffic was irrelevant or not targeted correctly, it just means most people are not ready to make a buying decision the first time they visit your site.  With a quality site renovation and improvement of the content to build trust and create more visual appeal you can increase your buy now traffic to a 10% to 15% conversion rate, but that still leaves 85 to 90 visitors exiting your site without contacting you.  

So Lead Magnets do two things.  They increase the conversion rate (people who contact you) of buy now traffic while also increasing the conversion rate of those who buy later.  There is also another type of traffic called "Buy Maybe" traffic which is covered in more details below.

Lead Magnets for different audiences

When creating a lead magnet you need to plan what type of lead magnet you want to offer.  The answer to this lies in the type lead generation we are implementing.  If we are targeting motivated buyers (buy now) traffic using AdWords or SEO for organic traffic, then chances are this traffic is highly motivated and already looking for your service. This would then require focusing on the most compelling offers to convert leads directly into a sale.  The goal is to influence them to call or optin for a special buy offer. You may also not want to advertise your buy now offers straight away if your normal conversion rates are not an issue. You may want to only advertise your buy now special offers to those in the buy later category if they didn't convert the first time they visited your website. 

We also need to design a lead magnet for those who are in the (buy later) traffic category.  They are still qualified audiences, but these buyers are not quite ready to buy just yet.  This requires a different type of lead magnet which opts in to a database for which we can begin building trust and staying top of mind by drip feeding emailed education and second chance offers until they are ready to commit.  

The last category we only focus once we have saturated all available search volume on Google. This category is called "Buy Maybe" traffic, which represents the type of audience likely to buy at some point in the future, but are not directly looking for your products or service right now.  We would typically use Facebook for this targeting, however for these audiences the Lead Magnet is not about purchase value, discounts or addons, but about providing content that is extremely compelling.  Below is more information on how to create a compelling lead magnet. 


“Converting more Traffic into Leads is the  

key to achieving massive growth ”

Stage 1.  Buy Now Traffic.     Stage 2. Buy Later Traffic.      Stage 3. Buy Maybe Traffic.

Create Lead Magnets to appeal to audiences at different stages of buying motivation.

Buy Now Traffic Offers

Remember that Buy Now traffic offers are more focused on price or value.  

It's important to first understand the basic ingredients of a buy now offer. There are 3 parts. 

  1. Offer
  2. Urgency
  3. Action

There are also 5 types of offers in this category. 

  1. Discount Offers
  2. Teaser Offers
  3. Purchase Offers
  4. Call Offers & 
  5. Give Away Offers 

Now we can't tell you what you can and can't offer, this is your domain. Only you know what you have available and can afford to offer. All we can do is give you the framework and template ideas for designing a high converting offer. We also don't know what offer will ever work better than another offer and there are no guarantees. It can often take a few weeks split tsting several offers before we find one that converts traffic into leads at a high rate.  

Please note the below offers are examples to help you brainstorm ideas only. Each offer works differently for each industry and business and may not work the same for you. The key is split testing. The more generous or compelling the offer the better it works. 



Claim/Save 20% off your next _____________ .  

Claim/Save 20% off when you book _____________ .  

Save $100 off _________________. 

30% Off Your second order.  

Claim 30% off your second purchase over $______

Here's a 10% coupon off your next/second order

Order 3 or more _____ and get 50% off ______

Purchase over $________ and get 30% off your second order 


For hot deals on ________ 

View Our Hot Value Offers

Hot Value Offers

Access our best deals on __________

Access our hottest deals

Save Thousands on _________ 

View hot deals on _______

Hottest Deals of the Month

View our Hot Offers

Best Value Offers 

For Best Value Offers _______

View our full range 

For detailed pricing

For instant quotes 

View our complete product range

Download our hottest deals


Free _____ when you purchase _____.  

Purchase/Buy ______ and receive _____ worth of _______

Receive _________ Free when you purchase/buy __________

Get/Receive ______% off _______ when you purchase over $_______ on ________

Get/Receive a ______% discount when spend $_______ or more on _________


10 Free _____ giveaways. This month only when you purchase ________.

First 20 customers this month receive a free _________

Get free _______ when you book _______.  

Get free _________ 

Giveaway ideas.  

Smaller products

Service upgrades

Product upgrades

Product add-ons

Quantity add-ons 

Buy one get one free


General gifts

Gifts relevant to their industry


Phone Offer. Free/Save/Receive _______ with orders over $000. Today Only/Offer Ends/

Free ______ 

Save _______ Today Only.  


Hear our special offers

For special offers 

For best price offers 

For Hot deals

Hot deals


Today only

This month only

Next 20 phone enquiries

Offer ends soon

Offer ending soon

Limited time offer

Hurry offer ends soon

Hurry offer ending soon

Hurry this, amazing offer ends soon

Hurry this offer ends soon

Don't miss out, offer ends soon

Limited to the first ___ customers this month. 

Reserve this limited time offer.  

Hold this limited time offer for me. 

Only valid for the first 30 phone enquiries.

Offer valid for the first 

$300 free value offer ends soon


3. ACTIONS - Opt-in and Call Actions 

OPT-IN Actions

Click Here

Download Now

Reserve Offer

Reserve this offer.  

Reserve this offer for me

Download redeemable offer

Hold this offer for me

Guarantee this offer for me

Ensure I don't miss this offer

Lock in this offer

Lock in this offer after it ends

Don’t miss out, lock in this offer. 

Reserve this offer now while you shop around, enter your details below.

Reserve this offer while you shop around.

Lock in this offer while you compare prices

Lock in this price offer

Lock in this special offer

Lock in this best price offer and compare. 

Extend this offer for me

Access this offer

View deals

View limited time deal

View our Hot Deals

CALL Actions

Call to hear ______

Call now to _______

Call _______

When you call _________

Call to claim. Phone ____________

Call now on _______

Call ________ to claim this offer

Call _______ right now. 

To redeem this offer call __________

To redeem call __________

To claim call ___________

To claim this offer call __________

Call to lock in the best price

Call to extend this offer for me

Call to lock in this offer

Call to save this offer for later

Call to secure this offer for later

Using the three categories above, Offer, Urgency, and Action, you can now mix and match suggestions from each to come up with your Offer to be used in your Lead Magnet.  

So let's have a look at some examples of all three ingredients using examples from various industries. 

“Advertising in a crowd is difficult enough, but not having a UVP or USP can be a business disaster.

Template Examples of Lead Magnets

These web badges and banners can appear on home pages, product specific pages, emails, facebook and retargeting ads.

Please note these are very basic content only guides, the finished designs look very appealing and will be custom designed to fit your website.  Some may even be annimated for additional effect within Retargeting banners. 

Examples of Remarketing Banner Lead Magnets

Buy Later Traffic Offers

This audience focuses on targeting those not ready to commit to an enquiry or purchase just yet and may be shopping, comparing or considering a future purchase.  As this audience is not 100% committed to a purchase, alternative tactics are used to facilitate their decision-making process.  These can be pricing guides, catalogs, quote calculators, checklists, cheat sheets and how to guides.  There is no commitment to buy or submit an order, but information is withheld until contact information is provided.  For this audience buy now related special offers are less effective unless they are very compelling.  

Think of these lead magnets as teaser content to assist their journey in comparing and consideration of your service or product.  Often websites give away too much information leaving no reason for someone to provide you with any contact information.  No contact information means no future opportunity (other than retargeting) to influence and nurture leads toward a buying decision. The key to success in any business is building your database list.  In the next section, I will introduce the incredible opportunity growth with email marketing. 

Lead magnet concepts and ideas to consider for buy later traffic:

Pricing guides. (When you have complex quotation processes.  Be ready to follow up call instantly to justify value.)

Product catalogs.  (Where visual or specific information is desirable and creates additional buying emotion.)

Online quote calculators. (When your price is competitive and follow-up calls can be done quickly to sell more value.)

Case studies and instant online demos.  (For complex products or services where outcome examples are helpful.)

Pre-buy checklists and must know comparison tips.  (Address common hesitations and trust issues)

How to guides, ebooks.  (Focus on outcomes, the goal is to build your UVP and expertise, not teach them to do what you do.)

Cheat sheets, templates and swipe files.  (People love tools to help them be more efficient in their business.)

Samples or examples of a finished product.  (Taking the risk out of buyer remorse for those fearful of making decisions.)

Buy Maybe Traffic Offers

Buy maybe refers to audiences who are not actively searching for your product or service although fit into the audience criteria of someone who could likely be interested.  Another term for this is Push Marketing. The most advanced marketing tool available for profiling audiences is Facebook Ads.  However, it's important to note that Facebook doesn't work for all industries and the advertising strategies available can vary widely.   The most effective Facebook techniques do not follow the conventional methods and require a somewhat personal and less professional approach which may not suit the comfort level or personality type for a lot of businesses.  

So if you are going to use Facebook Ads for your Lead Magnet, your audience must be targetable and your offers need to be either irresistible to the point of shock and awe, or you need to truly understand your audience and create high engagement and relevant (non-sales) content.  This is no easy task and many marketers fail over and over until they find the perfect lead magnet that works.  

The process is not cheap and the risk is high, but if you can come up with an irresistible lead magnet and do it well the rewards can be astonishing, depending on the size of your audience.  If you sell a service that appeals to a general audience then your offer really needs to wow, but the rewards are potentially huge due to the large audience available.  If your audience on Facebook is small and niche then your offer needs to convert even higher to achieve a desirable level of ROI. 

So what are some ideas for "Buy Maybe traffic" lead magnets? 

Toolkit - Tools to make their job or process easier (calculators, planner, worksheet, workbook)

Handy printables for their industry - (calendar, guides, steps, how to diagrams, forms)

Resource lists - (for their industry), suppliers or a useful resource of information in their industry.

Inspiration files - ideas, designs, methods, strategies, 

Education - (Gated content, quick tutorials, Ebooks, how to guides, reports, videos, webinars)

State of the industry - Similar to reports, but updated annually, predictions about their industry etc.

Entertaining lead magnets - (Quiz - find out something about you, your business, your problem or solution.) 

Giveaways - (Something only your potential customer would want as a gift in exchange for contact information only.) 

Remember the goal of a Buy Maybe Lead Magnet is not to sell your service but give something of value in exchange for contact information.  We don't start selling until we have each prospect in our database, then it's time to build trust and continue building a virtual relationship through Retargeting and Email Marketing.  Don't sell too early!

So ask yourself, who is your audience, who are the decision makers and how can I connect with them?

Below are some examples:

“Targeting 5% who buy now will make you money, but targeting 95% who buy later will make you a fortune.

What happens after they click on the Lead Magnet Offer?

The badge being clickable should pop open a form overlayed on top of the page with the same message header with instructions to enter their contact information to redeem, hold or reserve the offer. Their details will then enter into an email marketing database where they will be emailed information on how to claim this offer. 

So where do we place these lead magnets?

Below is a list of where lead magnets can be used and when. 

1. On your home page for all buy now offers.  Ideally positioned above the scroll of the page.  These small badges can appear in sliders or even headers of your website.   You may also decide to use a Lead Magnet badge header with a visible form underneath it on the right side of your home page.  Some people also decide to use their least generous offer first and save their best offers for Remarketing or Intent Exit Pop-ups, (explained later in this section). 

2.  Internal pages of your website is where you can create product or service specific lead magnets with buy now offers.  Remember the key is not to give the offer away but require an opt-in to redeem, claim or my favourite to reserve the offer.  

3.  Pop-Up Offers.  Now I normally do not like pop-up banners especially when you first visit the page and instantly a pop asking you for contact info.  It's annoying and studies prove that over 10% will exit immediately as a result, so don't do it.  However, pop exit banners are different and if done well can be extremely effective in building your marketing list.  

There are a few types of plugins and tool that allow you to do pop-up banners that don't annoy visitors. 

  1. Present a Pop-up at the End of Your Content
  2. Introduce a Pop-up When a User Signals Exit-intent
  3. Slide in a Request after a Page Scrolls between 70 to 80%
  4. Display a Sticky Top or Bottom Bar that stays static as you scroll down the page. 

4. GDN Remarketing and Facebook Retargeting Banners

This is the ultimate way to provide a second chance offer for those who have not landed on your thank you page after filling out a form. They follow people around the internet with a second chance offer in a visual often animated banner design. If you on one of our higher retainer packages we will do this for both Remarketing and Retargeting on Facebook which is much more effective. Here we can easily split test which Lead Magnet offers are working best. 

5.  Within your Email Marketing drip sequences.  Here is where you can roll out multiple lead magnet offers over time. 

6. Facebook Ads.  This is the last step once you have saturated all search volume on Google and your budget still permits you to continue advertising in other channels.  Remember that Google AdWords is 9 times out of ten more profitable than Facebook if done well.  However where Facebook can excel is in the sheer volume of users and it's vast audience. 

Once you have split tested and trialed a number of Lead Magner offers and finally found a winner, what do we do?

First step is to ramp up the exposure of your winning LM offer accross multiple channels and then consider creating a dedicated landing page instead of a pop up opt-in form directly on the page.   The landing page can then build more interest using more content and maybe even a supporting video to increase your option conversion rates.  

Now it's your turn. 

Activity 1. 

Using the information above including wording varations suggested for the Offer, Urgency and the Action we would like you to start by drafting 3 to 5 buy now offers for your lead magnet. 

Simply email us the draft and our graphic designer will get to work putting your Lead Magnet together. 

Activity 2. 

Using the informaiton and examples provided above we would like you to create 3 to 5 Buy Later type offers for your Lead Magnet and again we will do the rest including design, form creating and upload to your site.  *please note if you are on our basic retainer fee pricing plans an additional fee may be incurred. 

Activity 3.  

Last activity is to draft 3 to 5 Buy Maybe offers which can be used for push marketing on Facebook.  However this step is optional if you are not doing Facebook just yet, but I still recommend it as an valuable excercise for you. It helps you to think differently about promotional marketing and builds your skill in creating offers for your clients.  

We will review each offer and assist you with ideas and feedback.  Please remember this is something we can't create for you, no one knows your business and your potential customers better than you so it's in your hands.  

We look forward to guidinga and supporting you on a developing powerful lead magenet conversion strategy for your business. 

Kind regards

Brendon Comerford


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