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Website Renovations
Website Renovation – Internal Pages
Website Conversion Optimisation is a renovation of your website to increase conversion performance.
Home Page Renovation – Minor
Website Conversion Optimisation is a renovation of your website to increase conversion performance.
Website Refresh
  • Existing WordPress Theme
  • Existing Hosting Solution
  • Home (half) Page Refresh
  • Internal Banners x 5 pages
  • Basic Copywriting for Banners
  • Mock-up Design Proof
  • Up to 2 Revisions & 1 hr Support
  • Form and Tracking Integration

Website Agreement

    The client understands that completion and start dates are an estimate based on current web projects in our queue. Delays can occur due to unforeseen technical circumstances, delayed submission of content or extended revision changes. If delays occur, the client will be notified and the start and completion dates may not be updated but verbally accepted by the client. The client agrees there will be one point of contact for decision making on changes or requests. A site design mock up will be provided and required for approval and sign off before the build process begins. This will include a mock up of the home page and one internal page as a guide for the design styling and branding guidelines. Quotation is based on up to 2 design revision alterations after the first presentation of the mock up design. Each revision of changes are to be made in bulk. Additional revision changes are subject to additional costs. After the mock up design is approved any major changes to the site design or theme after the site build is more than 30% completed, may incur additional charges. The progress of a site build will not be presented until it is near completed in order to prevent confusion or inefficiency on the intentions for internal changes and layered design stages. Once the website is presented the client will have an opportunity for up to 3 alternations of basic layout of content or additional minor elements added, relocated or removed. Each revision of changes are to be made in bulk. Additional revision changes are subject to additional costs. Consultation time included in this project is based on a 1 hour strategy planning online meeting and the chosen hours of consultation time through out the project as outlined in each plan. Consultation time includes both phone, email or online Zoom meetings. We are flexible within reason for most scenarios if issues arise. Additional features requested after the date of quotation will be subject to additional charges and in some cases may not be possible due to technology limitations. Please ensure you have planned the website functionality requirements well before accepting this quotation. IT related issues including email are not the responsibility of Kick Media and need to be dealt with by your own IT professional. If hosting is required we recommend and if hosting issues arise you will need to deal directly with your hosting company. Kick Media will implement all possible security measures however will not be responsible if your website is hacked. An hourly rate of $135 per hour will be charged to fix any website hosting, plugins, theme updates, or hack related issues. All sites completed will be optimised for reasonable and acceptable speeds however, requested plugins or previous site functionality transferred to a new site can result in a slower than normal site efficiency. Your existing hosting configuration can also affect site speeds. The client accepts that in some cases the solution may require new hosting to fix any speed issues. Quotes do not include onsite SEO optimisation and will NOT factor in transfer and replication of the major onsite SEO factors from your existing website. It is recommended that the client engages an SEO company or uses our SEO services for transfer of all SEO offsite links. We are not obligated to provide this service. All sites are built differently so the client accepts there is always a risk of SEO rankings being affected when building or replicating a new or existing site and Kick Media will not be liable. So far all new sites we have built have retained rankings or received an instant boost in SEO rankings directly after being built. The client agrees to provide all body content and images requested for the new site prior to the estimated start date outlined in this agreement. Delays caused by the late submission of images or content will extend start and completion dates. If delays are caused due to late submission of any type of content; we may be required to prioritise new projects to start which could significantly delay new start dates, even if an upfront payment has been made. Any request to cancel after website production has begun will forfeit refunds on a portion of the upfront payment respective to the amount of work completed so far. Any website production that is over 70% complete will require an additional payment respective of any request to cancel or pause website development. Any request to pause production on the website progress or launch date after a site completion on our staging URL has been presented for approval or feedback, will still require payment 7 days after the new or updated completion date outlined in this agreement. Failure to deliver required images or content requested after a site completion is presented for approval, will result in partial payment up to 90% of the original agreed quotation, to be paid 7 days after the new or updated completion date outlined in this agreement. The site progress will be presented 1 week prior to the estimated completion date. The client agrees to provide feedback on revision changes within 2 business days of the presented site progress or subsequent presented changes thereafter. After the 3rd revision of changes are completed the client agrees to accept or request further revision changes. Regardless of further revision changes required after a 3rd revision is completed, full payment of the original quotation will be required in full within 7 days. Additional revision changes will then be quoted accordingly. This website project agreement is made and entered between kick media pty ltd, having a principle office at 25 King Street, Bowen Hills, Brisbane and the company details entered on this form.
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