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Have you ever wondered why some sites rank really well on Google and other search engines and others are hidden so deep in the search results that no one ever finds them? the answer is search engine optimization or SEO as it’s now more commonly referred to as. Moving from page 2 or 3 to the top of page one can be the difference between having your phone ringing constantly with new business and your business really struggling.
when it comes to getting your Website to the top of the search results, the quickest way is, without doubt, getting an SEO Expert like us to optimize your website properly so Google understands your business and puts you in front of people actively searching for your services.
Did you know that the top 3 listings in the unpaid section of Google get over 75% of all the traffic searching on google? so if your phone ringing it really isn’t enough to just sit below those 3 spots and hope someone will find you. This is amplified even further in towns like Sunshine Coast that generally have fewer searches due to a smaller population than capital cities for example. With fewer people searching online you need you need to get a higher share of those that are searching to be successful.
At Kick Media, we know what gets a site moving up the search results and what doesn’t through rigorous testing across thousands of websites. This means we can quickly adapt to any changes in Google’s search algorithms. We also only use ethical strategies that we know won’t become an issue with Google down the track which helps to future-proof the work we do so you continue to get ROI well after campaigns finish.
Our Process of optimizing sites in all industries both in Sunshine Coast and around the world include the following.

  • Keyword analysis and planning
  • Quality website to website link building
  • Content marketing and distribution
  • On and off page optimization

our process has been designed to get you to the top spots on google quickly and as affordable as possible to maximize the ROI you are able to achieve.

Solid SEO does take time

A Fact of SEO is that, Ethical and sustainable search engine optimisation takes a lot of time to achieve! real SEO strategies that will stand the test of time can’t be done overnight. Sure, there are some companies that try to suggest they can get you to the top spot in record time, but most often the results are very short-lived. Any SEO agency in Sunshine Coast that utilizes ‘black hat’ tactics may win out in the short term, but these strategies always run the risk of penalising your website and effectively destroying your website and in turn your business.
If you’re a Sunshine Coast company looking to build your business online for the long term, then talk to Kick Media today. We’re the Sunshine Coast SEO Agency that you can trust. Using well-proven techniques and transparent data-driven reporting, why would you go anywhere else? Call +61 7 3062 6836 to secure our services, before your competitor does as we can only help one business in each area.