What should you really be looking for when seeking SEO services Sydney? After all, there are a ton of agencies who say that they can get you on the first page of Google.
The trouble is that way too many businesses have been burnt by SEO ‘experts’ who use outdated practices that are no longer viable. Usually, this means that you are locked into a contract, while they continually under-deliver!
The good news however is that in all walks of life general assumptions have exceptions and in this case, we believe that’s us!

So what’s the secret to our success?

Good old fashioned hard work! Sprinkled with some serious know how of course.
With twenty years of experience, we believe we’ve earned our SEO spurs. At Kick Media we continually have our finger on the SEO pulse so that we can adapt to Google’s ever-changing algorithms quicker than a Google-bot crawls your website.
Ultimately this means that we don’t just deliver traffic, we ensure we deliver qualified traffic. That’s month in month out.

Okay, so how’s it done?

We’ll let you into a secret…
Some people understandably think that SEO (well good SEO) is a enigma of illuminati-style proportions only practised by those who are ‘in the know’. However that’s really not the case. Instead, using a combination of tactics including:

  • Google My Business (localised mapping)
  • On Site, Off Site, and localised SEO
  • High quality link building
  • Keyword analysis..and….
  • Content marketing and distribution

It’s possible to not only rank a business highly, but to keep it there for many years to come.

With Kick media you get…

  • A team of highly experienced individuals with 20 years of SEO know how to back it up
  • Transparent pricing, clear sustainable processes, and regular reporting
  • Results – That’s tangible, measurable, full-on results that won’t take a lifetime to achieve.
  • No pointless rankings – We only target keywords that deliver bone-fide qualified leads.

But wait! There’s more…

Having good SEO Services in Sydney can only take you so far. That’s why you need an agency that looks at the bigger picture. At Kick Media we combine everything from ad-words management through to website design and building, to help you to create a sustainable online business both now and for the future.
If you’re a Sydney-based business who needs help building your brand online then get in touch. Let us put our bold claims to the test and let’s talk.