Looking to promote your site online? With Google Ads getting more expensive each year more and more companies are looking at SEO to improve their online visibility. Ranking number one on Google is often over-complicated it is actually quite simple it’s just a matter of taking the factors that Google finds important for a specific keyword and making sure you have more of them than the competition. The problem is though as more companies work on SEO, the process gets harder and harder for new companies coming in as the overall optimization of sites is improving. This is why its becoming more and more important to find a company that can quickly and easily identify what is and isn’t a ranking factor in a particular industry and put sufficient time and resources into improving the right factors and don’t waste any time on factors that aren’t going to move the needle.

What SEO Factors Improve Rankings

There are some factors that are common across all industries like link building, for example, however, some that only apply to certain industries. This often results in most search engine optimization companies trying to put a square peg into a round whole as the saying goes and they waste time and resources.
At Kick Media, we have developed and acquired the tools necessary to quickly identify what Google wants to see on your page.

Is SEO Safe for your Website?

Unfortunately there still a lot of SEO agencies that are implementing highly unsafe practices on their client’s sites. Here at Kick Media, we spend hundreds of hours testing new techniques well before we ever implement them on our client’s sites. This not only allows us to ensure they are safe but through constant testing, we are able to pick up changes in how Google values certain things well before our competitors which gives us a distinct advantage.
We also focus on quality and not quantity. almost all google algorithm updates are heading in one direction towards quality. if you make this the core focus you are almost guaranteed to not have any issues with Google.

How long does SEO Take?

This all comes down to competition, the more optimization the competitors do the more you require to compete. Most industries take 6 to 12 months to dominate but it can happen much quicker. the good news is we can give you a good idea of how long things will take by completing an SEO Audit on your site. We do this before we start any campaigns and it, not something we charge for as we want to make sure you’re a good fit for SEO before we take you on. so if you would like a free no-obligation audit just send through your details and we would be happy to take a look.

Web Design Cairns

Need a new website before you start? whether your site is built on an outdated platform or your site just needs a freshen up we highly recommend Above & Beyond Cairns. We have worked with a lot of web designers over the years and the AB Pages team are definitely among the best in Australia. Their pricing is surprisingly affordable especially considering the great work they put out.

How do you get started

The first step is always a comprehensive audit on both your site and your industry. this determines opportunities, timeline and the required budget to dominate your industry.  so get in touch today either over the phone or via the contact form and we would be happy to complete the audit for you to see how we can help.