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SEO has been transformed over the last few years with several updates per year designed to improve the user experience on Google. Whilst this proves challenging for SEO methods, it also provides new opportunities to achieve new rankings otherwise not thought possible.

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Not all SEO is the same

In recent years there has been a lot of controversy over poor quality and deceptive SEO techniques with results that are not what they seem. These techniques are not in the best interest of growing a business and certainly do not deliver the expected ROI. The unfortunate reality is there are still SEO individuals and companies applying deceptive SEO techniques and it is important that business owners are aware of them and what they are actually paying for.

You may be locked into a contract and apart from the initial onsite changes that were made in the first month, you may be wondering what is being done each month and what are you really paying for?  There is reason to be concerned and all too often we come across websites where zero ongoing SEO work is being done after the first few months of a 12 month contract.

Unfortunately SEO success for a business owner relies on knowing the basics of how to audit your SEO company to ensure they are not applying certain SEO techniques or doing any work at all. Below are the poor quality SEO techniques you need to be aware of.

Beware of poor quality keywords

Often business owners allow SEO companies to do the keyword research for them, resulting in a selection of keywords that seem relevant but do not receive enough search volume and have very low competition. They also do not do any research to know if the chosen keywords will result in an actual conversion.

Expect high volume, relevant and motivated traffic; not just keyword rankings

Many SEO companies will quote based on a selection of keywords to rank on Google. If the SEO company chooses 30 to 40 keywords that are not highly competitive, then it becomes easy for them to fulfill their SEO contract requirement and appear successful. You now appear for 30 to 40 keywords that are not competitive, which may deliver very little traffic or result in little to no enquiries.  A combination of long tail and high traffic relevant keywords should be used.

Future proofing your SEO 

Many companies apply standard onsite SEO tactics, however due to the difficult and expensive nature of high quality link building, most SEO techniques do not focus enough time in this area. Applying onsite SEO techniques is important however applying only onsite techniques is not an effective strategy for achieving results long term.

Onsite SEO

This requires working with the Site Code, Navigation and Content in order to achieve ranking for various keywords, however this activity is not difficult. Anyone can create regular high quality content for their site, so it becomes easy for competitors to take your top spot on Google.  Producing high quality content that appeals to the right demographic and is likely to be shared is imperative, however should not be the only SEO activity.  Onsite SEO alone will not future proof ranking for your major profit generating keywords.

Request an Onsite Audit of your website. 

Offsite SEO

This is a much more difficult technique that is getting more and more difficult for SEO Companies. Many of Google’s algorithm changes that occur seem to have the most impact on those who are applying low quality Offsite SEO techniques. This includes building thousands of low quality directory links and building links from spammy looking sites that have little to no topical relevance to your industry. Google has also made this very difficult with various updates ensuring links pointing back to your site look natural and have not been created in short bursts with rubbish spammy content.

Convincing websites and blogs with a high domain authority to point anchor text links back to your site has now become one of the most difficult SEO techniques today. As a result many SEO companies are struggling to deliver results due to the time consuming and less profitable requirement to produce high quality topically relevant links.  (All part of Google’s plan to get money back into paid search and out of the hands of SEO companies.)

But this can also be viewed as a significant opportunity for future proofing your SEO if you can find a company that thinks outside the box and continually innovates ways to produce natural highly quality links.

Reach number 1 with higher quality links in half the time. 

At Kick Media, we don’t just build any old link. We have developed an efficient, high-quality link building strategy that combines the following methods:

  • Build a strong brand presence with hundreds of social
    profiles. We call it the Social Fortress.Link Building SEO Brisbane
  • Validate your new brand mentions and leverage your brand authority with name, address and phone directory listings.
  • Outreach to topically relevant and high domain authority websites and blogs with an offer of guest posting.
  • Competitor monitoring and link replication using custom built tools which can view anyone’s entire backlink profile.
  • For certain industries, we can use our Private Blog and Website Networks that have zero Google footprint between sites.
  • Purchase and build sites on expired domains that already have high domain trust and Google authority.
  • Social, PR and content marketing tactics to ensure you have a natural looking and diverse backlink profile.
  • Our unique search methods find websites we can publish on that have important keywords in their
    domain and the ability for branded anchor text on top level high authority pages.

Request an Offsite Audit of your backlinks.

We also apply AdWords testing periods to identify proven high conversion and high engagement keywords before starting any SEO activity.  Never let your SEO company take a punt at which keywords will results in profitable lead enquiries.

Focus on increases in relevant traffic not keyword ranking

The goal of SEO should not be solely focused around keyword ranking.  An effective SEO strategy looks at the total volume of relevant traffic from both generic, targeted and long tail keywords.  It also focuses on ensuring the quality of traffic, through monitoring increases in relevant search term activity (what people actually type into Google) resulting in valuable actions on your website or high levels of engagement, ( time on site & page views). If we can increase the overall volume of relevant high converting search traffic from organic sources using either a few dozen or a few thousand keywords, then we are on track to a highly successful SEO strategy for your business.


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