For any Sydney-based business looking to grow their presence online, search engine optimisation or SEO plays a fundamental role. Get it right and it becomes very easy for people to find you in localised and/or national searches online. However get it wrong and you might as well be invisible. For this reason you need to find as SEO Agency in Sydney that you can rely on.
Ask yourself this…. When was the last time that you navigated past the first page of Google to find the answer for a search query?
We’re guessing not very often because… well… life’s too short. Surprisingly 96% of the population agree, and that’s why you need to ensure that the agency you work with have a clear structured plan in place for your business, and use proven strategies that work.

Why is this important?

Quite simply, different tactics and factors are different for each business. While one method suits one business, it might not suit another. Therefore if an agency decides to adopt a ‘one size fits all’ strategy that might have worked for other unrelated industries/niches, there’s no saying that it’s going to work for yours. In this case there’s a chance that you could end up throwing a lot of money at something that is never going to achieve the results you want.
Thankfully here at Kick Media, we closely analyse your business and utilise only proven strategies that we know will work for you. Not only do you get a great return on your investment for minimum spend, but by tailoring proven strategies to your needs, it’s possible to rank your business highly and keep it there for many years to come.

So what tactics do we use?

Many people may be under the impression that SEO is a huge secret only undertaken by those in the know. We don’t believe in an ‘old boys network’ and instead, believe that the customer should know everything that we do. So being an ethical and transparent SEO Agency, Sydney businesses should note that we use the following techniques. These include:

  • Keyword analysis and planning
  • Quality website to website link building
  • Content marketing and distribution
  • On and off page optimisation

In addition to this for localised search we use…

  • Google My Business (localised mapping)
  • On Site, Off Site, and localised SEO

What’s more, we encourage detailed reporting with proven data-driven results.
If you’re looking to reduce the risk involved in hiring an SEO Agency in Sydney then come and talk to Kick Media. With many years of experience we know exactly how to optimise your business both ethically and sustainably online. For further information, contact us on +61 7 3062 6836.