When people use search engines to find a company like yours, you want to be top of the list right? Of course you do! The good news is that there are two ways that this can be achieved. You can do this organically which takes a lot of time and effort and even then there’s no guarantee you’ll bag that coveted number 1 spot. Or alternatively, you can use (SEM) or Search Engine Marketing. Brisbane businesses are marketed via a series of paid ads which are seen when a particular search is placed.
Just imagine switching on a steady stream of qualified customers who are ready to take action -that’s what paid advertising through Google AdWords can do for you. What’s even better is that you only ever pay when the participant clicks through to your website. That’s the beauty of Pay Per Click.
With our specialist team of consultants on the case, when we take on a Google AdWords management campaign, we ensure that you get highly qualified website traffic and plenty of it! Our Brisbane team are ready and waiting to assist.

Search Engine Marketing Brisbane – The right way and the wrong way

Let’s just set the record straight! If Google ads were really as simple as cobbling together an advert, putting it on Google and sitting back and watching the customers roll in, then no doubt everyone would be doing it and you wouldn’t need us. But unfortunately it isn’t!
With so many parameters like search term variables and ROI’s to consider, it isn’t that simple. What’s more it could end up costing you more than you bargained for with little or no return. That’s the bad news!
The good news however is that by:

  • Accurately researching the most effective search term combinations;
  • Tracking, measuring and refining ads;
  • Maximising conversion rates and…
  • Improving your ROI by reducing acquisition costs

we ensure that you start to see a return on your investment quickly – sometimes in as little as 24 hours. By taking a ‘big picture’ approach we first get to know your industry and business goals, which allows us to build a solid campaign that maximises customer conversions.

Full Client Control

Some search engine marketing teams will take over the whole campaign leaving the client little or no say in how it’s run. On the contrary here at Kick Media through a dedicated account manager it allows you to closely liaise with our team of experts which puts you in full control. This means that you can change the emphasis of the campaign and/or budget spend instantly. Whether you get ‘your people to call our people’, or whether you call us yourself, it’s this flexibility and control that has made the way we do business so popular with our client base, spanning many industries.
So if you have a desire for double or triple digit growth then you know what you need to do… call the experts at Kick Media! We won’t bamboozle you with techy speak. Instead everything about search engine marketing in Brisbane is explained in easy to understand terms. If you want to know something just ask! Call Chris, Ana or Brendan today on +61 7 3062 6836 and let’s talk about how we can help you.
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