Give Google the context needed to understand your content

What is Schema Markup?
Imagine that Google is a child learning to speak and often they need explanation or more details and context to understand the english we say.  Well that’s Google.  We provide Google additional code on the site to understand more context and detail that you may not be able to fit or need to include on page for users.  Sometimes too much information is unnecessary for readers but for Google to understand it’s important.
For example:
You might be able to put a map listing of where your business is located and that may not fit with the design of your website but it’s good to give Google that information on where that map listing actually is.  Or you may want to list the job titles of your staff which may also have valuable keywords within the job titles like SEO Manager or Master Plumber or Electrical Engineer and by listing this in the Schema Markup you are giving more context about your brand to Google but also building a connection to all your other online brand assets online.
The two main benefits of Schema Mark up is an increase in Google site rankings and an increase in your Google map rankings.
If you go on the front page of Google for most local business keywords and put the top 3 websites through Google’s Schema Markup testing tools your going to see these sites have Schema Markup implemented and optimised and if you go back a few pages you will notice that most of these websites don’t have it in place.  So there Schema Markup is a major ranking factor and if you want to appear on the front page you must have Schema Markup in place.  Although this is just one of the ranking factors, appearing in the top positions is all about having slightly more than your competitors.

Want Schema Markup for your website?

*PLEASE NOTE: Kick Media does not offer Schema Markup services direct to the public.  You must ask your web designer to contact us or choose one of our preferred web agency partners. 
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