Watch the video below to learn how Remarketing works

Remarketing Explained from Kick Media on Vimeo.
We often get asked, Does Remarketing Work?
We obviously know it does and have seen amazing results with our clients, but we thought you should also here this from others in our industry.
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Must Read Article about Remarketing
Now that you understand the basics of Remarketing below are a few more benefits we have put together.

  1. Build brand association and top of mind awareness to a targeted audience.
  2. A familiar brand converts more leads on a second Google search. 
  3. Increase the frequency of repeat purchases by 10% to 30%.
  4. Display specific banners based on what pages of interest were visited.
  5. Follow up with a 2nd chance promotional offer without email spamming.
  6. Most email open rates are less than 15%. Remarketing has 98% visibility.
  7. Assist your sales team with automated follow up banners to close more deals.
  8. Build the PR of your personal profile to a targeted audience. 
  9. Increase customer loyalty with vouchers, VIP programs or education. 
  10. Build the appearance of mass marketing resulting in brand trust & authority.
  11. Increase the conversion of lead enquiries from the same size audience.
  12. Trigger the display of different banners based on rules, website activity and purchase history.
  13. Continue building your brand to people who exit your website for up to 540 days.
  14. Have control over the frequency capping & how often visitors see your banners.
  15. Enjoy the long term benefits of brand awareness to a very large database of tagged visitors. 
  16. Leverage the ROI of other marketing activities used to drive relevant traffic to your website.
  17. Use remarketing in combination with social media strategies to target decision makers. 
  18. Build cross promotion opportunities with other non-competitive websites.

Next step is Referral Remarketing
Imagine leveraging the exposure of your brand to the traffic of 20 or 30 non-competitive websites who also have a Google budget targeting similar types of potential customers.  Book an online presentation of to learn how this strategy works and how it can transform your business.

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