A new way to promote your business for less than $200 a month

Please note, this is not a replacement of Google Advertising, but a great way to diversify with a powerful branding and lead generation strategy to a highly targeted and motivated audience.

This Strategy is Called Referral Remarketing and there are two Steps.  

First is Remarketing, which you may have heard of or use, and second is the Referrals side of how we use Remarketing in a very unique way.

Step 1. Remarketing

Remarketing is pretty common nowadays and every business owner should have it in place on their website. If you don’t, then we recommend not to continue with step 2 until you have this in place. Google AdWords in our experience is a complete waste without it.   So what is it?
Remarketing allows you to follow people (who have visited your site) around the internet on other 2.0 sites (example: Youtube, Facebook) with banner ads. A tracking code is installed on your website and tracks each user when they visit other websites that have a partnership with Google. There are millions of sites and some you may visit every day that are part of Google’s banner ad network. You may have noticed this before when it feels like the same brand keeps following you around the internet. That is Remarketing at work.


Step 2. Referrals

Now imagine if two businesses who are not competitive to each other and share a similar advertising audience were able to endorse each other with zero effort required. On the right Fred’s Fitouts and Sam’s Signs have done a deal to promote each other using this method.
Fred install’s the Remarketing tracking code that Sam provides into the backend of his website and Sam does the same with a code provided by Fred. Now all the traffic including recent clients and lead enquiries will be followed around the Internet with a banner ad that promotes an offer to each others traffic.
It can be done as one brand endorsing or referring another or as a simple branding ad with a special offer. What makes this so powerful is it is recent traffic that was motivated to buy a similar or complementary product; perfect timing for a cross brand promotion. Now imagine having 20 or even 50 websites all promoting your brand using this method.

Expanding your word of mouth

Taking back control of your marketing can be difficult when Search Engines have hyper inflated their own economy of cost per click. To combat the growing cost of Google advertising it’s time business owners united their marketing efforts and budgets.
word-of-mouthStill believe word of mouth is the best form of advertising? We agree, however it can also take a long time to build referrals from happy clients.
Industry partnerships with non competitive companies who share similar clients has proven to be the most effective word of mouth strategy and is promoted by nearly every business coach in Australia.
However the challenge with traditional word of mouth is that Business owners are often to busy to refer leads.
With Referral Remarketing, now when a lead or client exits your referral partners website, they will be tagged with a Remarketing Cookie. Potential customers will then be followed around the internet with an online image banner with your referral partner recommending and endorsing your brand.
All the challenges of traditional networking and referral partnerships are now solved and leveraged. Now when your referral partner recommends you, their clients and leads will begin seeing your brand all over the Internet.
So next time you’re asked to form a referral partnership with someone, offer them an opportunity to automate the entire process with Referral Remarketing.
Start thinking of all the businesses owners who are not competitive, but spend thousands just like you targeting similar potential leads.

Will this strategy work for any business?

Unfortunately no. We find that the strategy only works if the traffic coming to your site in the first place is motivated and relevant. If your site traffic is unmotivated then it’s an issue that needs to be addressed first. It also works best on sites with paid traffic where the spend is greater than $800 a month.
When we audit the traffic of most sites, we are finding over 50% is targeting either irrelevant traffic or unmotivated traffic.
So before we take the next step and offer this service to you, we will need to check the relevance of your site traffic first. This includes paid and organic traffic.  We do not charge for this and it gives you peace of mind to know if your Google paid and Google SEO strategy is being managed well and actually working for you.

How to get started

Step 1: Traffic check (Contact us to schedule a review or to learn more)
Step 2: Install tracking codes
Step 3: Set up remarketing
Step 4: Make a list of potential referral partners (people you know or wish us to contact for you)
Step 5: We will install codes on your new referral partner’s website
Step 6: We manage the cross promotion of brands

Think outside the box

Think of any business that may have clients interested in your product or service at some point in the future and we will contact them on your behalf to introduce this strategy.  We can target the sharing of traffic from entire sites, specific service or product pages.   Finally a new way to advertise online.