Hypergrowth 4X


Do you really have the control to achieve Hypergrowth in your business? 

When Google charges $10 per click OR;

A Google “Experiment” destroys your SEO rankings.

In the last 6 months alone, Google has undertaken 3 experiments which impacted millions of businesses.

  1. Literally overnight most trade and home service industries found their organic listings pushed back to page 2 with almost every front page listing showing a business directory, not a real business.  It took weeks for things to go back to normal, costing Australian businesses millions in lost visibility and sales income.   Google claimed, it was an algorithm error?
  2. Next, Google rolls out a tsunami of algorithm changes which has recently caused the highest levels of ranking volatility we’ve ever seen, with seemingly no rational on who got chopped from position 1 and who stayed.  Overnight the top positions who had invested thousands in SEO, found themselves at the bottom of page 1 or page 2.  We then ask the question, why?  With so many updates occurring at once, the international SEO community has no solution except to wait for Google to stop playing with their toys and wait for the Google tantrum to settle down.  Businesses who invested so much to achieve and rely on top 3 rankings, were left high and dry, costing them millions in lost revenue.
  3. Early January 2021, Google decides to wield their power once again in another claimed experiment, this time veiled over by a direct threat to the Australian news and media organisations.  Good or bad here is not the issue, but the fact Google has complete control to decide the fate of your business or an entire industry, is ultimately a massive risk and threat.

So I ask again, do you have control?

Is your business growth reliant on playing by Google’s rules?

Or are you ready to play their own game and change your perception on what is fair in a system that is fundamentally rigged and that you currently have no control.

Are you ready to take back control and think outside the box? 

Hypergrowth is a unique strategy, investment and solution to take back control and achieve Hypergrowth in your business.

Imagine a once off investment with 3 outcomes:

  • Double, Triple or Quadruple sales growth and profits in 12 months.
  • Increases the asset and resale value of your business by 100%, 200% or 300%.
  • Can be a separate, independent asset that you can resale for massive profit within 12 months.

There are 3 levels of growth you can choose:

Hypergrowth 2X
Hypergrowth 3X
Hypergrowth 4X

To learn how Hypergrowth works, contact Josh today on 0424 494 822 or Brendon on 0402 284 127.