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Attention all Plumbers in Brisbane:
How to Take #1 Position on Google in 3 steps

Right now “Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage” (previously – Fallon Solutions) is enjoying potentially dozens or even hundreds of enquiries each month from the single keyword “Plumbers Brisbane” and this could be you.

We want to work with a Plumber in Brisbane who wants to take the #1 position on Google.

With 2900 searches per month for “Plumber Brisbane” and an expected click through rate up to 30% this is one the most valuable keywords on Google.  Paying for this keyword is up to $21 per click, so appearing organically could save you over $200,000 per year in advertising costs and more the triple the size of your business.

Watch the video below to learn 3 steps that will take your brand to position 1 on Google for “Plumber Brisbane”. 

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