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One marketer can’t do it all, you need a team.

Are you relying on 1 manager to do an average job across all areas of marketing?

Jack of all trades, master of None?

There’s no time to master every area of marketing!

You need a team of Ninja specialists in each area.

But can you afford a $400k salary bill?

For the cost of one salary or even half, you can Hire an entire team of marketing specialists.

If you’re a Marketing Manager trying to do it all, our team can help you hit all your KPI targets.

A marketing specialist in each area is 2x to 3x more efficient than one manager trying to wear many hats.

Performance is also unapparelled when you have each team member laser focused on just one area of marketing.

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Meet your new team of Marketing Ninjas

Your Data Ninja

  • I’ll upgrade you to Google Analytics 4
  • Build you a custom reporting dashboard
  • IOS14 update? No problem I have the solution.
  • AI Machine learning with CRM data push backs
  • I’ll integrate and report on all your sales data
  • Setup call and custom event tracking
  • I’ll give you the ROI data that matters

Your LinkedIn VA Ninja

  • I’ll automate all your LinkedIn outreach
  • Use Boolean search to laser target prospects
  • Use our inhouse built LinkedIn outreach tools
  • Hybrid method connection to 500 people per week
  • Write interesting LinkedIn posts every week
  • Manage your inbox and set appointments
  • Manage or reschedule appointments

Your Content Marketing Ninja

  • I’ll build new Social Media ads every months
  • I’ll never let your brand fatigue on social media
  • I’ll project manage regular high impact content
  • I’ll ensure your content is omnipresent
  • I’ll design landing pages with killer offers
  • I’ll write your eBook and create lead magnets
  • I’ll show you amazing AI content tools
  • I’ll create Email and SMS sales funnels
  • I’ll create copy that sizzles right off the page
  • I’ll create and manage your new Facebook group
  • I’ll infiltrate Groups and build a content bridge

Your SEO Ninja

  • I’ll flood your website with organic traffic
  • Rank you for high converting keyword terms
  • I’ll generate high quality backlinks
  • Create a social fortress for your brand
  • Syndicate high quality PR brand content
  • I’ll correlate web content against competitors
  • I’ll build authority around you and your brand
  • Protect your brand reputation online

Your Local SEO Ninja

  • Optimise your Google Map listing
  • I’ll generate loads of local enquiries
  • Build hundreds of Social Citations
  • Create advanced Schema Markup
  • Setup tools to get more Google Reviews
  • Build you a network of Google Map Listings
  • Expert at fixing all GMB related issues

Your Google Ads Ninja

  • I’ll set up your Ads the right way
  • Setup AI Machine Learning methods
  • I boost sales with my EEV formula
  • I’ll optimise your ads every 3 days
  • I setup click fraud software tools
  • I’ll track and optimise every dollar spent
  • I’ll retarget everyone with animated banners
  • I’ll blitz the performance of any Ad Campaign

Your Web Admin Ninja

  • I’ll manage your plugins and theme updates
  • I’ll fix your website issues and keep it live
  • I’ll make sure it doesn’t get hacked again
  • I’ll speed it up and compress big stuff
  • I’ll add pages, update content and fix errors
  • I’ll manage all the DNS or Hosting issues.
  • I’ll check your site is always working

Your Video and Banner Ad Ninja

  • I’ll design you an attention grabbing banner ad
  • I can create HTML 5 or GIF animated banners
  • I use high impact imagery that commands attention
  • I’ll story board your offer or convey a clear message
  • I’ll design motion graphics videos for FB, IG or Tiktok
  • I’ll can even edit your Iphone videos into a masterpiece

Your content writing Ninja

  • I write for SEO, Blogs, eBooks PDF’s
  • I can research and report on any topic
  • Any style and any format you need
  • I communicate with purpose and intent
  • My content is 100% unique & high quality
  • I write with (NLP) Natural Language Processes

Your Ninja Marketing and Business Coach

  • I’ll design your entire marketing strategy.s
  • Manage the team to innovate new ideas.s
  • Ensure your CRM and Sales Process works.s
  • Or build a completely new sales process.s
  • I’ll project manage and align the compass,s
  • and ensure your new team is performing.s
  • I’m both your business and marketing coach.s
  • I’ll treat your business as if it was my own.s

Your Web Design Specialist

  • I'll mock up a design you will love
  • I'll build landing pages that engage
  • I'll custom design a brand new website
  • I'll engage your visitors with aesthetic beauty
  • I'll make sure your brand is perfectly represented
  • I will ensure your brand appeals and compels action

Free Business Planning Sessions
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  • I’ve designed digital strategies for brands like:
  • Fisher n Paykel, Suzuki, Australia Zoo and many more.
  • I’ve managed hundreds of industries over 15 years.
  • I know the best strategy and solution for any industry.
  • Marketing is my full-time hobby and passion, sad but true.

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