Digital Nomad Expression of Interest


Hello and thank you for learning more about the Kick Media Digital Nomad Opportunity.

We are currently seeking 5 individuals from Sydney to join our Digital Nomad Team.

Remember that a Digital Nomad doesn’t mean just travelling while you work, it can mean working anywhere you like even if it’s from home or a cafe.

If you believe that work shouldn’t be governed by rules of where and when, if you want to build a business and not a career, and if you want to make a difference helping business owners succeed, then fill out the expression of interest below.

Take a deep breath, look around you, and ask yourself this question, “Did I consciously choose this life for myself? Or am I following the predetermined path that somebody else laid out before me?”

Interview Questions

  • Video One - Introduction to Google Password: 4training2015
  • Video Two - Understanding Keyword Relevance Password: 4training2015
  • Video Three - Keyword Psychology & Buying Cycles Password: 4training2015
  • Video Four - Keyword Match Types Password: 4training2015