(a) The Company engages the contractor as a non-active role under the brand “Retire Early Australia” with no duties or responsibilities ongoing.
    (b) The Contractor agrees to represent Kick Media’s brand “Retire Early Australia” as a figure head role only on their LinkedIn Profile. This includes a current position title added to the profile of either “Brand Ambassador” or “Client Relationship Manager”
    (c) Contractor has the option for us to update their main Headline of the profile to be focused on an industry niche. Example: “Advocate in supporting the healthcare industry with well-deserved financial security and retirement planning.” Or “Retirement Planning Advocate for people working in the healthcare industry”. Industry niches may also change from time to time.
    (d) Optional but highly recommended is an update to the profile main banner with Retire Early Branding. Client will agree to and approve the design via email correspondence.
    (e) The Contractor agrees to grant the Company access to their LinkedIn profile for initial optimisation to Title and as mentioned above
    (f) The Contractor agrees to verify access to profile from time to time as needed. This is for the purpose of uploading approved articles and account warming activities.


    (a) The Company will communicate to the contractor all content and imagery to be added to their profile and approved. Outreach messages will also be sent for approval before implementation occurs.
    (b) We will endeavour to keep your profile strength high with regular activity engagement. This may include viewing profiles, endorsing profiles, basic commenting on posting, creating new posts, featured articles, joining groups and sharing articles to niche industry groups. This ensures your profile always remains strong while outreaching.
    (c) We will not push past the allowed limits of LinkedIn outreach and will slow and reduce outreach where required to keep very high profile compliance levels in accordance with LinkedIn policies.
    (d) We will upgrade and pay for Sales Navigator when the opportunity arises to increase the search, targeting and reach to 2nd degree connections.
    (e) We will not outreach to anyone in your existing 1st degree contact network (i.e people you know), only to new connections we send requests to.


    (a) The Contractor will obtain or have a valid ABN and warrants that the ABN quoted is correct.
    (b) If it receives a valid Tax Invoice, the Company will pay the Contractor the Service Fee, including GST (if applicable), less any amounts it is required by law to deduct, for the Services provided.
    (c) Kick Media Pty Ltd will remunerate the contractor by way of commission for opportunities that arise from representing Retire Early Australia on their LinkedIn profile. Commission is a flat fee of $25 including GST for each connection and subsequent request for a consultation call regarding Retirement Planning advice under the brand of Retire Early Australia.
    (d) Contractor will provide bank deposit details for commissions to be paid on a monthly basis. Contractor will have transparent access to a Google sheet which tracks the lead and consultation opportunities that have been generated.
    (e) Contractor understands that the first 2 to 4 weeks requires warming activity of your profile before the outreach connection process builds up momentum. This means it can take a few weeks before commission opportunities start and will build up in volume as the connection request and profile network expands over the first few months.


    (a) Without the prior written consent of the Company, the Contractor will not use, disclose, publish, or permit the use, disclosure or publication of any Confidential Information or Intellectual Property, except: as required to provide the Services, and then on a “need to know” basis, to persons bound to keep the Confidential Information confidential; as required by law; for the sole purpose of seeking advice; or where the information has become available in the public domain (other than by a breach of this Agreement).

    (b) These obligations survive the termination of the engagement for any reason.

    (c) Confidential Information means any information whatsoever, of a confidential nature, (whether provided verbally or by way of a document or other material in human or machine readable form) which relates to the Company.

    (d) Intellectual Property Rights means all rights to intellectual property in all media in perpetuity throughout the World both as such rights are concerned now and in the future.


    (a) Either party may terminate the Contractor’s engagement at any time by giving the other 1 weeks’ notice in writing, and the Company may terminate the Contractor’s engagement without notice in the first 6 months if the Contractor fails or refuses to provide the services or fails to perform them with the standard of care, diligence and skill required.
    (b) The Contractor understands that all future commissions will dissolve upon termination of this contract by either party.

    6. PRIVACY
    The Company will deal with all records of personal information as required by the Privacy Act. You agree to deal with all records of personal information, including client information as required by the Privacy Act.


    (a) The legal relationship between the Company and the Contractor is that of principal and independent contractor and not that of employer and employee, partnership or joint venture.

    (a) The Contractor will not at any time either during the continuance of this Agreement or after the termination of this Agreement for any reason divulge any of the affairs or secrets of the Company or of any related body corporate of the Company within the meaning of the Corporation Act, to any other entity, person or persons without the previous consent in writing of the Company, nor use or attempt to use any information which the Contractor may acquire in the course of this Agreement in any manner and whether or not such conduct may injure or cause loss or be calculated to injure or cause loss to the Company, unless such publication or disclosure is made in the normal course of the Contractor’s employment.
    (b) The Contractor undertakes that the Contractor will not without the authority of the Company, communicate with or disclose to any member of the media or communicate to any person with the intention of where it could be reasonably believed, anticipated or expected that such information may be disclosed to the media any information of any nature whatsoever relating to the Company its clients or customers.

    (a) Mutual Indemnification. Both parties will, at their own expense, defend, indemnify, and hold the other, its agents, and employees harmless from any and all claims, actions, liabilities, injuries, damages, losses, grants, costs, and expenses, including attorney fees, arising out of or in connection with any use of the Program(s) of this Agreement.
    (b) No disparagement or Misappropriation. At no time (i.e., indefinitely) following the signing of this agreement shall the Client make any statements online or offline, or take any other actions whatsoever, to disparage, defame, sully or compromise the goodwill, name, brand or reputation of the Company or commit any other action that could likely injure, hinder or interfere with the Agency’s business, business relationships or the Goodwill of the Agency.

    EXECUTED as an Agreement.
    authorised representative: