Is your AdWords account being penalised by Google?

  • Learn how to save thousands in just 25 minutes
  • How much wasted traffic are you paying for?
  • Penalised campaigns, adgroups and keywords
  • Advertising features not used
  • Audience targeting mistakes
  • Optimisation tasks not done
  • Website landing page penalties
  • Conversion issues and competitor analysis

Why wait until your marketing budget is spent to know if it is being managed well?
This is a valuable education session for you to be able to audit who ever manages your AdWords in the future.
Often business owners lose a lot of money in digital marketing simply because they don’t know how to audit tasks that should be occurring on their Google account.
You can generally know if your account is managed well by how much money you make, but by then it can be too late.
Waiting until your marketing budget is spent to know if it is being managed properly is an expensive risk.  By knowing how to audit steps that should be occurring, you can be sure your marketing budget is not being wasted before it is spent.
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“The Google Penalty Check saved me thousands in wasted clicks. I now use Kick Media for my AdWords and my business has grown by over 250% as a result. I have now also started SEO with Kick Media and am quickly moving up the ranks.” – Café Solutions