Learn how I built a 6 figure work from home income in less than 3 months, and 5 years later turned it into a million dollar business.   

Also learn how I secured 6 figure digital agency jobs without a degree!

View the webinar recording of our digital careers information session.  You will learn about the next billion dollar industry and how you can build a top agency career or become a digital freelancer with Kick Media.  There is a shortage of truly qualified and experienced experts with Google AdWords, making it a lucrative high paying career.
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“Digital Freelancing; it’s not all about travel”

Yes my wife and I do enjoy an amazing lifestyle travelling the world while running our business, but not everyone wants to travel full-time. Being a Digital Freelancer is by our definition the freedom to choose where you want to work. If you want to work in an office, open one, if you want to work from home, set up a home office, if you want to work at a local café, pay for a coffee, but the real freedom is just being able to choose or alternate. I personally can’t stand any daily routine for too long. For many years I worked long hours in busy digital and media agencies, and I was subordinate to rules and expectations, constantly fearing the expectations and judgement of others to perform. Always focused on pleasing the team, eventually I lost sight of what really mattered; helping businesses succeed. This is my real passion and I love seeing my clients succeed. I also love getting paid extremely well based on a service that makes money for other business owners. It’s a win win business model that needs to be shared with others.
• Is your daily commute wasting thousands of hours of your life?
• Always wanted to work where you want, when you want?
• Do you want the freedom to be your own boss?
• Do you want a business with unlimited earning potential?
• Are missing valuable time with your family?
• Is your life missing out on amazing experiences?


A life without risk is a life without adventure

SAM_0179I have friends who live life according to security and peace of mind. However this is just another False Emotion Appearing Real (FEAR). Real fear is not having the ability to adapt to change, and when change does happen the real fear begins. We all fear new challenges and experiences, but it’s the continued adventure into the uncomfortable that builds character and your strength to succeed. In doing so you will avoid the prolonged risks you are taking right now by not learning to adapt.
Life is too short to continue doing what you have always done. In every new city I visit, from Monday to Friday I see walking zombies coming in and out of large office buildings, the long commute, the penguin suit and tie, the unhappy miserable faces waiting at traffic lights, queuing for train tickets. I’m not trained in reading body language, but everywhere I go I see depressed zombie looking souls who have accepted their daily routine for the next 40 years.
SAM_1729We can’t help everyone, but we can help those who realise there is a better way, who realise that genuine opportunities do exist, and you just have to keep opening enough doors to find the right one. This is just another door, but it’s one worth entering and exploring.
After years of slaving away we now love our life. We get paid when we sleep, we get paid when we travel and we get paid sipping Pina Coladas on tropical beaches. When we do work, we are working on the business and not in it, we are building more clients, more marketing, more opportunities for others, all from exotic locations around the world.
The feeling of freedom can’t be fully explained or described, but when money is not an issue, when choices are infinite, and knowing that you will not regret having lived a more fulfilling life in your final hours, and you are truly grateful for every moment, then you will know the feeling of real joy and freedom.

How to get back your Freedom

If your high school teachers or University lecturers had told you, what your learning now will make sure you end up working 40 hours a week for 40 years, eventually ending up:
• Bored or bitter,
• Stressed or depressed,
• Over mortgaged or behind on bills,
• Just over broke (JOB) or drowning in debt,
• Hating your boss or making someone else rich
Would you still be excited about starting a new career?
The system you live in is not about giving you freedom, it’s about performing a function for society. You have no real choice unless you make some real changes.
The first step toward getting your freedom back is a change in your mindset. Often this starts with a paradigm shift in your expectations of what is possible, but this often won’t occur until you open your mind to possibilities and asking the right questions.

How can I create freedom?
What does freedom mean to me?
Who can I model who has freedom?
Where can I learn of new opportunities?
Which opportunities can provide realistic results?
How can I learn from mistakes others have made?
How can I learn from success others have achieved?
When you ask the right questions, you open a channel of energy that seeks answers or a manifestation of tangible opportunities. This may be your first curious look into freelancing, and if it is you are already asking the right questions. Keep reading!


10 criteria for the perfect lifestyle career

Choosing the right or wrong income model can either give you wealth and freedom or struggle and high blood pressure. The difference lies in understanding the different types of income models and how they can affect your lifestyle. I grew up in a family tree of small business owners who owned pubs, butcher shops, florists and barbershops. The long-term goal was to build an asset that could one day pay off the house and leave you enough money to play pokies and enjoy a good meal once in a while. The immediate attraction was not having a boss to answer to, and was to my family the definition of being free.
The sacrifice however was often a large amount of stress, working longer hours than your employees, enduring cash flow issues in bad times and the always present and unforgiving investment risk.
Growing up and witnessing how hard my parents worked just to experience “freedom” to me was a false idea of the definition of freedom.
Instead of listing poor choice income models, let’s focus on what are the ideal criteria for the perfect income model.
SAM_05301. Has a subscription basis or a very high repeat purchase rate.
2. Low levels of stock or inventory to manage, but is product based.
3. Has over 100% profit margin or is highly time leveraged.
4. Can be easily replicated or automated with systems and training.
5. Has high tolerance to a financial crisis.
6. Can experience a high volume of referrals.
7. Doesn’t require a physical shop front or face-to-face interaction.
8. Can be operated or managed remotely over the Internet.
9. Can be expanded rapidly without a large capital investment.
10. Will always have consistent or growing demand that is future proofed.
When I made this list of criteria over 10 years ago, I researched long and hard, asking the right questions to eventually discover the benefits of a new emerging industry; Digital Marketing. It met 9 out of the 10 criteria I was looking for in the perfect business model. So which criteria wasn’t met?  Number 2. Yes digital marketing is technically a service based business, but there is a lot of satisfaction in helping business owners succeed. The major difference is that we are consultants or trusted advisors that business owners rely on as an authority on the topic of digital marketing.

“Massive demand that’s still increasing”

Every business needs digital marketing, but very few understand even the basics.Less than 30% of businesses actively promote themselves on the Internet leaving a massive audience of business owners who sooner or later will need our help. Some don’t know it yet and may be riding on the coat tales of a time when offline advertising was all that was needed. But soon enough increasing competition will mean a change is needed, and in most cases that change is digital marketing.
Each month we take on a client or two who has been in business 20+ years and only now realises the need to start doing digital. Over the next 5 years we anticipate that new online marketing technologies and increasing competition will force at least another 30% of businesses to begin advertising online.

Digital Nomads in Bali

“Marketing innovation is the next boom industry”

work from home

It’s not just the online shops or local services that will jump on the digital band wagon over the next 5 years. Kick Media is becoming an emerging player in the new world of NFC and Ibeacon technology that is set to revolutionise anything with a retail shopfront. Clothing shops, cafes, restaurants, or anything with a showroom can all now experience a new wave of digital advertising that’s only now becoming possible. From Wifi mobile marketing to NFC tags for instant reward incentives, social media integrations, and database collection, the possibilities that are emerging are almost endless.
Google is also leading the race in marketing innovation; and it’s the next one we are most excited about. Ecommerce is taking to the streets, isles and shelves of any business that has product to sell. Think of Google street view but inside your retail shop. A person can literally walk the isles of your business and using pivot point photography inside your physical store, add to cart items that are literally on your shelves and purchase online.


Can I start freelancing without industry skills?


When I started learning Google AdWords over 10 years ago it was still developing as a new product for businesses owners to advertise online, but we were confident it would experience rapid growth and always be in demand. Learning this skill however proved difficult, so it was done the hard way. There were and still are no official schools or Universities that teach up to date digital strategies nor can they keep up with the rapidly changing technologies and techniques. It took several years of self-study, experimentation and on the job innovation. There were no teachers; we and our peers were the creators of various techniques now being commonly used and we haven’t stopped. Every month we and our industry peers are developing new ways of doing things and manipulating new technologies to help businesses owners succeed. If there were textbooks we would be the ones writing them.

Starting a digital agency or freelancing isn’t easy if you don’t have the skills and experience, however as a Kick Media DCI Member you can now experience the benefits of a lucrative industry without years of trial and error and expensive mistakes.

Most people start freelancing in industries they were trained in, yet this is what holds people back from choosing an income model based on profit, time freedom and lifestyle. Becoming a freelancer is hard, so we have developed a system where you can learn from our mistakes and our success and cut through all the challenges, trial and error in an industry that is incredibly profitable and satisfying. We get paid very well because we can provide highly valued skills and outcomes that few business owners will ever be able to replicate.

Why Kick Media


We are a boutique digital agency using the latest marketing and tracking technologies, which means reporting and results are 100% transparent. With an extremely talented team of digital experts, we provide exceptional service evident by the fact most clients are still with us after 3 years. With a strong policy on honest and ethical advice we know Google advertising doesn’t work for all businesses, so you can be assured we will only service clients we are certain of results, which means satisfaction for your clients.

Founder: Brendon Comerford

Meet Brendon, the founder and managing director of Kick Media. With over 11 years experience, Brendon has managed a number of digital agencies and worked for the largest global media agency on big data campaigns for some very large brands. He is constantly innovating new ideas and strategies using new marketing technologies for small business owners to succeed.

I am writing this just on the cusp of rehiring Brendon’s company to help us once again with our online campaigns. I consider myself very up to date with the latest in online marketng and technologies to build businesses online, Brendon on the other hand takes things to whole new levels. He will always stay one step ahead which enables us to stay one step ahead. I will almost certainly use Brendon each year for our annual campaigns and ongoing work purely because I trust him to get results as he has never let us down. Ben Croft – WBECS President

Meet the Management Team

Chris, Ana and Brendon

Meet the Production Team


Digital Manager
Digital Manager
AdWords Production
Copy Writer
Web Developer
Content Writer
Graphic Designer
Content Writer
Ecommerce Manager
Customer Relations

When money and lifestyle are no longer a challenge

SAMSUNG CSCGiving back or helping others succeed is the next hierarchy of needs once you have already achieved the level of income security needed to achieve your perfect lifestyle. For me it’s accruing assets from a high passive income (check), while I travel the world (check).
Now that is achieved and continuing, what’s next?
Anyone who suffers from perpetual entrepreneurial thinking will understand that you never stop creating, even after you are living your perfect lifestyle. I love travel but I also love building things. I have no trade skills so for me it’s business.
Kick Media is living proof of a system that works. We have mastered through years of trial and error, the perfect business model that will give you back time and financial freedom. Now it’s your turn.
My wife and I are at the stage in our lives where we can choose the next method of growth that is not only profitable but builds a financial vehicle to help others succeed.
We want others to short cut their way to success and freedom. We are choosing carefully those who not only have the drive to make it work, but are deserving of a better life.
SAM_1855If you have a burning desire to make massive change in your life, but are also wiling to take massive action to implement the changes, then we want to meet you. We want to know what values and aspirations drive you forward; we want to understand your motivations toward earning success.
If you have already achieved success in your career or another business, but now it’s time to choose a better opportunity that allows continued success with a lifestyle to match, then maybe we can help.
Contact me today and let’s have a chat to see if this could be your next opportunity and major life changing decision.