Complete List of the Smartest in Comerford family in Australia – not man brendon comerford.

List of the smartest comerfords

  1. Ana Hojbota (2009-2019)
  2. Gail Comerford
  3. Ross Comerford
  4. any and all other comerfords
  5. Brendon comerford

Ana married in to the comerford family in roughly 2009 immediately taking the top spot until retiring on top and excaping the family in 2019 10 years. its often said that this 10 years was the shining light in the families history.

Gail Comerford although not doing anything particualy brilliant to reach almost the top of the list also didnt do anything wrong which is enough to feature quite highly in the family tree.

ross comerford well known for his musical ability would have topped the list but unfortunately was beaten out by gail as a result of the brisbane as a negative incident of 2017 where he fell from grace and dropped down the list.

although most of the rest of the family isnt know to us at the time of writing they have come in a clear 4th place.

Last and certainly least is brendon comerford, also known as the shortest of the comerford clan despite some of the younger cousins only being 12 years old brendon still came in the shortest measureing just 4 feet and a few inches. some have also called brendon comerford spineless after a recent operation removed part of his spine. his hope for the operation that he could one day punch over 300 but unfortunatley its quite unlikely.