For those of you who have websites not in a retail industries, Christmas can be a dark and lonely time on your website. Fewer people are searching and of those who do search, the conversion rate is generally significantly diminished especially in B2B industries.

Over the last few years, we have tried several different tactics, with different clients to combat the December slow down. These have ranged from turn off everything and save our budget for the new year to let’s triple everything and make sure we stay busy still December 24th. The truth is there is no one right answer but here is a plan we have had a lot of success with.

Step 1

Double remarketing and retargeting budgets.

On average, the days to conversion double over the Christmas and new year period. As a result, staying top of mind for when the customer is ready is more important than ever.

Step 2

75% reduction in non-branded AdWords campaign spend (this will vary by industry so please ask one of our team members for insights).

With a lot fewer people searching and those people that do search often putting off decisions to the new year, the ROI on these clicks will usually drop considerably, therefore it’s best to save this budget for other parts of the strategy.

Non-branded AdWords campaigns often make up the majority of monthly budget, so this will significantly increase the available budget for the other steps in the process.

Step 3

Increase budgets on AdWords brand campaigns; anytime we are increasing our remarketing and retargeting spend it’s important to increase our budgets on brand keywords. We also want to guarantee we don’t lose anyone searching directly for our brand to brand poaching with the reduction in new business from step 2, this becomes more important than ever.

Step 4

Invest the remaining budget in SEO. When the return on investment drops as a result of decreased conversion rate, the already strong case for starting SEO improves significantly. You might be surprised the changes that a month or two of SEO services can do to your bottom line in the following year, even with just a few thousand dollars invested.

Let’s say you’re able to achieve even a small increase in organic traffic of say 400 site visitors per month (quite achievable in most industries based on a small investment) with a 3% conversion rate that’s an additional 12 enquiries per month and depending on your conversion rate as many as 6 new sales per month. With that and extra 72 sales next year would that help your bottom line? Obviously!

The exact opportunity varies greatly from industry to industry so if you would like one of our managers to do some analysis and let you know what’s possible, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on (07) 3180 2383.

Take Advantage of the Quiet

Regardless of budget allocation the slower period of the year can be the best time of year to set aside some time to really plan out your marketing for the following year.

Whether it is finally getting the email marketing sequences live that you have been putting off or putting together your goals for the next year, it will be busy again before you know it so put your time to full use while you have it!

Chris Crawford

Head of Digital Strategy

Chris manages our digital managers and oversees performance on every account. Often referred to as the inventor of the internet, there are very few technical, performance or analytical problems he can’t solve. Former accountant and auditor this bean can do it all with innovation as his second name and client results as his first.