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      • You can’t plan where your business is heading until you know where it is right now.  If you want to take control of your business you must implement ROI tracking in all areas of your business.  If you can know exactly where sales and leads come from and what advertising channels contributed to each sale, only then can you begin to confidently invest more of your marketing budget in the right areas.   But don’t forget to measure which advertising channels assisted in the path to a lead conversion or sale.

        Kick Media
        Search Manager
      • Your approach to SEO should be more than just appearing number 1 on Google for a range of keywords.  You must first know which keywords make you money and which ones cost you money and optimising based on ROI.  If your goal is branding then you must also consider implementing keywords that represent the right target audience and focus on a content strategy to appear for hundreds or thousands of long tail (less generic) keywords.

        Kick Media
        SEO Manager


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