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Since working with Kick Media my business “Café Solutions” has expanded by over 800% in 3 years. The 12 step rapid growth system really works and has enabled us to open new warehouses in 3 states, and we are still expanding! Anyone unsure about this program should just give it a try and see for themselves, you won’t regret it. Russell Crawford – Café Solutions
I am writing this just on the cusp of rehiring Brendon’s company to help us once again with our online campaigns. I consider myself very up to date with the latest in online marketng and technologies to build businesses online, Brendon on the other hand takes things to whole new levels. He will always stay one step ahead which enables us to stay one step ahead. I will almost certainly use Brendon each year for our annual campaigns and ongoing work purely because I trust him to get results as he has never let us down. Ben Croft – WBECS President annual campaigns and ongoing work purely because I trust him to get results as he has never let us down. Ben Croft – WBECS President
 Guaranteed Results Or I Don’t Get Paid
Your first step to rapid growth
begins with Google AdWords

Our experience estimates that over 80% of AdWords accounts are donating far too much money to Google. We conduct audits every day and are shocked at the amounts being wasted on irrelevant and unmotivated clicks.We also find the vast majority of AdWords advertisers are not tracking phone calls, form enquiries, live chat or the effect of multi-channel. Click here to learn about multi-channels funnels.

If you can’t track which keywords, locations or ads are resulting in sales or enquiries, you should not spend a single dollar more.AdWords is an incredible advertising tool for buying new clients, but only if you have an effective marketing funnel. AdWords without a conversion strategy, lead magnets, remarketing and email marketing is a recipe for losing money fast with Google Advertising.
The second step ensures your
competitors don’t stand a chance

Month one is a very active period with both your AdWords and Conversion strategy under going a complete overhaul. Having a website that appeals and evokes more trust to your audience is critical when every competitor is bidding against you.There is a lot of website psychology that goes into converting more leads than your competitors. Our team are highly trained to know and test what will trump all other advertisers who stand in your way.

Every Kick Media client is provided with free coaching emails to guide you on a journey of internal changes you can make in your business.This includes simple tasks and activities that can have a dramatic impact on sales conversion, processes, referral rates, client retention and other various competitive business tactics.
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Topic example: Simple activity to learn if your competitors are converting more phone enquiries and how to stop losing any more point of sale phone leads.