adwords conversion forecasting

Forecasting Conversions Like a Weather Report

In this vlog we show you how to forecast conversions before each keyword even provides a single conversion. Most AdWords techniques focus on optimising performance using conversion data (enquiries or sales), however the fundamental problem with this is you need to spend a lot of money to build up enough conversion data in the first […]

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Kick Media and Google Live Stream Event – Partners Connect

In this live event you will hear from Brendon, MD of Kick Media who will share the 4 fundamental principles of any marketing strategy focused on generating more customers.   It’s time for business owners to get educated on digital strategy and take back control over the decisions made in SEO, SEM, SMM, EDM and Analytics. […]

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Does a Google AdWords Account Need to be Managed?

Gone are the days of set and forget advertising, however there are a few steps to know how much attention and optimisation your particular industry and business may require. There are also some situations where an AdWords account doesn’t require a lot of on-going management. To appreciate why most AdWords accounts require management we cover […]

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Track Where Sales and Leads come From

Business owners don’t have the time to learn every aspect of Analytics in order to gather important marketing information for their business. In 7 steps we have provided a simple to follow guide for analysing the online performance of your business. This is an important step for every business owner in taking control of their […]

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Convert More Leads into Sales

  In this webinar you will learn simple techniques to convert more leads into sales using AdWords, SEO to increase your ROI. Many business fail to follow up leads, leaving so much revenue on the table for your competitors to convert into clients.  We will discuss tools and techniques to automate much of the follow […]

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Convert More Traffic Into Leads

  Last week we focused on the first pillar of marketing success, “Target Better Quality Traffic”. The next logical step is to “Convert More Traffic Into Leads”, and often represents the most important road block that needs to be cleared before any marketing strategy can become effective. It is one of the most important yet […]

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Target Better Quality Traffic

  Anyone can set up an AdWords account or engage an SEO company, but if your strategy is not structured based on 4 key marketing concepts it could become an expensive exercise with little to show in return.  In this webinar we discussed techniques and concepts that any business owner can understand and use to […]

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Solving Your Digital Puzzle in 2015

  It’s always a perfect time to start planning your digital strategy. The most successful businesses in your industry are the ones doing what their competitors are not, and this includes staying one step ahead with the latest technology and using it in the most creative ways. In this webinar we discussed how business owners […]

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The Digital Marketing Audit for Business Owners and Marketing Managers

First things first, where is my marketing budget invested. The longer term goal of digital marketing is to be able to measure the ROI of each marketing dollar invested. However this is a not an overnight process requiring multiple layers of tracking and weeks of implementation. It is also not a simple exercise requiring a […]

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