Developing your Paid Search Advertising Strategy

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What is Paid Search Advertising?

Answer:  Paying to appear on search engines where people are searching for your exact product or service.  It can also be used to appear for those searching via terms that represent a certain target audience.  You only pay when someone interested in your product or service clicks on your text ad.    Paid Search can include all search engines however is focused mainly on Google and Bing.   (Yahoo recently merged it’s search network into Google’s search partner network.)

Understanding our Search Advertising strategy

We have a very unique and detailed approach to paid search that requires your understanding before we begin.

Critical factors that will determine the success or failure of your Search Advertising strategy:

  • What is the decision making process of your potential customers?
  • How many times do prospects visit your site over what period of time, before deciding to contact you?
  • After a prospect contacts you, how long does it take before they buy?
  • Who are your online competitors that appear at the same time as you?  (overlap rate)
  • What is Better or Worse about your competitors websites that appear at the same time as you?
  • What do your competitors offer online and over the phone?
  • Is your target audience clearly identifiable by search terms used on Google and Bing?

Why do Search Advertising with Kick Media

  • Precise audience targeting through experienced keyword pyschology.
  • High reach, frequency and conversion campaign strategies.
  • Mobile proximity bidding.
  • Behavioural audience targeting (Time of day, device and location).
  • E-commerce experts with bid optmisation and mutil channel attribution modelling.
  • Google Shopping Ads and Data Feed management, bidding and automation.
  • Google Analytics search integration and UTM tracking.
  • Path to purchase behavioural analysis ( AdWords search funnels and learned search behaviour analysis )
  • All Google extensions:  Offers, Image, Reviews, Video, Location, Call, Call-out, Sitelink & Social.
  • Google Call Forwarding and Advanced Call Tracking technologies.
  • Competitor bidding tactics, industry bench marking and budget forecasting.
  • Auction insights and advanced impression share analysis.
  • Website conversion optimisation (pus mobile site optimisation).
  • Advanced bid management with conversion optimiser tools.
  • AdWords script development, bidding and automation techniques.
  • Copy writing, promotion offers and downloadable marketing collateral.
  • Live chat, form and email marketing integrations.
  • Implement an automated sequence of emails with second chance offers.
  • Implement a display remarketing sequence of online banners with second chance offers.
  • Implement a search remarketing sequence of text ads with second chance offers.
  • Implement form conversion and phone tracking for all search engines.
  • Competitor mystery shopping and developing high conversion phone scripts.
  • Identify keywords that make you money and cost you money using the below metrics:

ROI metrics

  • Ecommerce ROI tracking
  • Brand tracking metrics and techniques
  • Keywords and search terms that result in online enquiries
  • Keywords and search terms that result in phone enquries (with IVR call quality optimisation)

Proven Results

Time and time again Kick Media are transforming the performance of new accounts.
The transparency is indisputable when you see the before and after results below.

Recent Client #1 – (Screen shot taken directly from the Google AdWords Platform)

  • Conversions are up 280%
  • Cost per conversion has improved by 74%
  • Conversion rate has increased by 266%

Curvy Clothing Results


Recent Client #2 – (Screen shot taken directly from the Google AdWords Platform)

  • Cost per conversion has more than halved
  • Conversion rate is up 149%
  • Conversion volume is up 71.43%

Thermoline Results


Recent Client #3 – (Screen shot taken directly from the Google AdWords Platform)

  • Cost per conversion improved by 45%
  • Conversion rate is up 69%
  • Conversion volume is up 32%

Human Hair Extensions


Site engagement metrics

  • Time on site per keyword
  • Number of page views per keyword
  • Bounce rates per keyword

Search Platforms and tools used:

  • Excel spreadsheet analysis
  • Aquisio
  • Kenshoo
  • Doubleclicks Search and Display

Multi Channel Attribution

  • Track a single user journey across Social Search and Display advertising campaigns.
  • Which channels are contributing to a final lead conversion or online sale?
  • Weighting your budget across multiple advertising channels.
  • Insights into offline attribution via static phone tracking numbers and lifts in brand keyword search volume.

GUARANTEE: If we do not boost before and after performance within 6 weeks we will continue working for free until we do.

We guarantee to:

  • Increase traffic relevance
  • Lower cost per enquiry

Fair conditions* Budget levels are not decreased, phone tracking is implemented, website code and conversion advice is implemented.

Kick Media use the latest tracking technologies, advanced optimisation techniques
and management platforms with 100% transparency and guaranteed results.

  • Our software programs can measure an exact cost per acquisition of each lead for Ecommerce only website.
  • Track how many phone calls you received from Social Media, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Display banners and remarketing.
  • Our platforms can measure which keywords resulted in phone calls, button clicks, play buttons, brochure downloads and form conversions.
  • UTM tracking integrated with Google Analytics to ensure all your digital advertising is delivering a high return on investment.
  • If branding is important to you, we can expose your business to millions of people and help to make your brand a household name or memorable to a targeted audience.
  • Implement brand building strategies on millions of relevant websites with Google Analytics to measure your lift in brand awareness.

Never sign a contract!

At Kick Media we don’t believe in contracts. If anyone asks you to sign a contract they are basically saying, “we are not sure if we can deliver results”. We don’t need contracts, we deliver results or we lose a client, simple as that!

Our service includes much more than just Paid Search. It’s all about results.